Climate Justice Action spokesperson Tadzio Müller released

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Climate Justice Action
Press Release
Saturday 19th December 2009

Climate Justice Action spokesperson Tadzio Müller released

Tadzio Müller disseminating the magazine at Copenhagen protests

Today spokesperson from the Climate Justice Action Tadzio Müller was
released. He was arrested Tuesday on the 15th of December, when he
left Bella Center after a joint press conference between Climate
Justice Action and Climate Justice Now.

After the release Tadzio stated:

“In the last two weeks in Copenhagen,we witnessed one abject failure,
and one resounding success. The obvious failure is that of the COP15:
not only did the summit not deliver the drastic and just emissions
reductions that are necessary, it in fact failed to deliver anything
at all. The success is that of the global climate justice movement,
which organised spectacular, large and inspiring actions, where
activists from all over the world came together and created a new
common ground on which to continue the fight for global justice.
Finally, the failure of the COP highlights the importance of social
movement, pressure from below, and civil disobedience in the face of
the climate crisis”.

CJA’s spokespersons have openly explained the purpose of the action
and told about the non-violent basis and still spokespersons are now
facing charges of planning violence. This is absurd. Tadzios reply to
his arrest was:

“The Danish government’s appallingly disproportionate reaction, the
political policing used to jail some 1800 activists for nothing at
all, targeting of media spokespeople; using tear gas, pepper spray,
mass cages, baton charges and mass preemptive arrests; sets a
precedent dangerous not only for Denmark, but for the future of the

The release shows that the purpose of the arrests were meant to
silence the critics of the COP-15 process. The imprisonment of our
spokespersons are an attempt to criminalise a broad and global
opposition. CJA have always been open about our plans. We have had
dialogue meetings with the police, we have stressed that we would be
non-violent and we have stood up with face and full name, yet we are
treated like criminals.

CJA hope that this will lead to the release of Stine Gry Jonassen and
Tannie Nyboe when put before a judge next Wednesday. Police have
appealed Tadzio Müller’s release and he will be put in front of a
judge again on Monday.

Climate Justice Action – media team.

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