The Heat Is On nr 6 December 16

Tord Björk | Action,Summits | Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

1. A succesful demonstration and a promising “alterglobalist” movement!


The international demonstration of December 12 was a success. More than 100,000 people from all over the world joined this unitary mobilisation action. Altogether, 538 organisations from 67 countries answered the call. Under an enjoyable (a welcoming) sun, the colourful procession and its bicycles (as it is the custom in Denmark) went to the Bella Center, where the official negotiations are taking place. Many radical catchphrases could be read on banners and placards, around the following idea: “Climate Justice means System Change not Climate Change”.

Ronack Monabay (UCJS : Climate Emergency and Social Justice, France)

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The end of the demonstration at Christiansborg with the exchange in the background

2. System Change – not climate change declaration


2a. System Change – not climate change: Klimforum declaration ready to Sign-On!

The declaration work started when all committee members and Danish Klimaforum board members were carrying chairs and tables to make it possible to use an empty room in an old meat process factory at the Pork Square in an odd corner of the meat town at some distance from Klimaforum main movement for climate justice


Read more about the finalstage of the drafting with pictures including a compaisment between the first draft and the final:


2b. Build a wide social movement for climate justice


“To conclude, this declaration hopes to become a political platform that could be used as a base to build a wide social movement for climate justice. We will thus remember from Copenhagen that a new dynamic of the “alterglobalisation” movement is at work. Its coalitions are getting wider and strengthened. It can be supposed that, considering the widely shared pessimistic forecast about the COP15’s results, the renewed vigour of this movement committed to the struggle for a change of system will not be wasted.”

Ronack Monabay (UCJS : Climate Emergency and Social Justice, France)

Read more:,195


2c. Declaration song

A new song about writing declarations:


Last night I had, the strangest dream, I never dreamt before. I dreamt there was and end to all drafts, and I could sleep much more. I dreamt about a huge big hall were all could sit and eat, and nowhere was that ugly food they call the bloody meat.


Tord Björk


3. Popular movement heroes: Attac Denmark


There has been problem for many international organizations to understand the realities of Danish political culture and how Danish organizations and actvism looks like. Klimaforum have some 6 people paid in the staff, the rest is volunteer work by 27 very small organizations that all have to carry out their own activities during COP15 as well. The big NGOs have chosen to put all their energy into lobbying inside the Bella Center instead or as the Conservation society with a total number of members equal to every tenth Danish inhabitant (ca.half a million members) to organize a big mass activity as a fair to promote ecological business and local initiatives 3-6/12. Attac Denmark have 200 members and in total 4 are active to prepare Attac activities during COP15 including taking a main reponsibility for carrying out Klimaforum. Besides doing the Attac Denmark activities and helping out with any Klimaforum responsibilities the four Attac Denmark members also have to take care of 500 visiting Attac Members from the rest of the world including lodging, social events, demonstration preparations and whatever there is. Attac Denmark is furthermore the only Danish formal organization so far which is not a loose activist network that has decided to support the principles behind the Reclaim Power Climate Justice action on December 16. 


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4.   Repression


4a. In defense of Tadzio Müller: The police create disorder


4b. Predicting and avoiding COP15 repression


4c. Repression source:






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