Henry, Nnimmo and Naomi opened Klimaforum09

Tord Björk | civil disobedience,Climate,Friends of the Earth,Klimaforum,Summits,Via Campesina | Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

With small economic resources the small Danish organisations behind the Klimaforum arranged a grand and promising opening of the alternative summit.



I must admit that I had some thoughts for a while. The whole atmosphere was high-tech superprofessional in a huge hall for the kind of events separating a passive audience from the artists and speakers upon the scene with two enourmous screens as back drops. The acoustic music in the beginning seemed to continue for ever. Activists were murmuring and asked when will the speeches begin.



But then finally Henry Saragi from Indonesia and general secretary of Via Campesina International entered the scene in his traditional Indonesian hat. Here was the leader of the biggest popular movement in our time with 200 million peasants. Henry is timid, it is at first hard to believe that he is a key person in modern world politics, but he addresses consistently the concerns of food sovereignity and climate justice.



Nnimmo Bassey from Nigeria, chair of Friends of the Earth International followed. When he started to shout slogans the audience immediately followed, the diffrerence between the audience and the speakers were gone. We all knew that now have the People’s Copenhagen Summit started. Resist and transform, that is what we are here for.



Naomi Klein from Canada was the last key note speaker bringing the spirit from Seattle and stating the need for civil disobedience. Thus the peasants, the environmentalists and the global justice movement were united. The Danes that for many months against late funding troubles and almost all odds had organized the Klimaforum were pleased and so were the rest of us. Expectation was in the air.

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