Attac Denmark supports the principles behind the Reclaim power action December 16


Danish Attac follows suits with many movements in the South and actvists groups in Denmark and now supports the Reclaim Power mass action at the Bella Center December 16. In a press release on its web page Attac states that it can support the demonstration and its purpose. Continuing by stating “We wish a peaceful demonstration and expect that the demonstrators – as it has been formulated by CJA – acts without violence. We hope that the official representatives at the Climate Summit will use the opportunity to exchange views and will listen to the views of the grass roots and their reports on how the human made climate changes already have impoverished the living conditions of e.g. poor peasants in the South.”


This is a break through in the Danish political culture were so far no organisation except for groups with activists with very little formal organisation have supported the action. For a long time Danish organisations have stated that it would be impossible to make any kind of civil disobedience demonstration towards the Bella Center and push oneslef into the conference area and there make a political statement. Any attempt at using civil disobedience in connection with a parliament or UN building would go totally against what is acceptable in Denamrk. But this position has been proven empirically wrong as shown in The Heat Is On nr 4.


At the EU Summit 2002 a demonstration to the Bella Center ended with people trying to push their way through the police lines with some success. Once inside the area protected by the police the action stopped and it was proclaimed that a political point was made by entering the area and a statement was made. No escalation of violence took place.


Now some Danish observers claim that times are different. But the same right wing parties were in the government also then. The risk is high for the government if a strong attack by the police is allowed against the legitimate demands for unheard voices to be heard when also many on the inside are willing to participate. It is true that the police have behaved a lot less interested in dialoguethis time which they were in 2002, but in the final end the political interest of Denmark also have a heavy weight.


To further alienate the South is at this moment a very stupid thing to do. That the new law package against climate demonstrators allows for the most extreme actions and punishment of peaceful civil disobedience far worse than in most poor countries on earth will if it is executed rather show that Denmark in the first place never was the right place to have a democratic Climate summit. May Attac Denmrk be followed by many other organizations and people and we can be witnesses to that it is only something rotten in the state of Denamrk but not in the people of Denmark.

Tord Björk

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