The Danish-Swedish EU scandal destroys the trust in COP15

Tord Björk | Climate,political culture,Propaganda,Summits | Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The EU country Denmark has been exposed at the beginning of COP15 to use the UN Conference for its own benefits. Instead of being the neutral facilitator of a process they have chosen to destroy the trust in UN. They have given rich and the new industrialized countries a privileged access to the process making their own Copenhagen accord in advance to strengteh the position of the already strong in the negotiations. This means that the only democratic tool for impoverished as well as small nations to have a say in global politics have been undemocratically wiped away by a small country. This shows an eagerness to gain profit by only letting rich and influential countries to have a say in the secret preparatory negotiations going on in the corridors of power outside the formal democratic procedure. Once Denmark was a strong supporter of the UN and acted together with other Nordic countries in favour of poor countries and strengthening the role of small nations. Now this is history and Denmark is aggressively using its power to support the rich and the act against the poor and small.



Profits from serving the interests of the US


Denmark have specialised in this behaviour in the oil war against Iraq. Siding with the US Bush government more than any other country Danish corporations could gain profits from the war. Especially the Maersk shipping company that alone emits more green house gases than the whole of Denmark makes huge profits on shipping arms to Iraq. The Danish right-wing minister Fogh Rasmussen made a career in promoting the war by stating that it was a fact that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. His foreign minister said the same 34 times, only once he said eventually. When it became clear that it was a lie and no weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq he forgot completly about the 34 times and stated that he always had said eventually had weapons of mass destruction. So Danish ministers are experts in lying to us saying what is opportunistic for the moment and then claim that they never have said what they said yesterday when the situation changes. Furthermore they make populistic decisions to please the US. Fogh Rasmussen decided to double the number of Danish soldiers fighting in other countries side by side with the US. The only problem was that he at the same time decided to give no more money to the military. This caused a severe break down today recognized in official reports of the Danish defence as it was impossible to relocate resources quickly without harming the whole Danish defence organisation the way the prime minister and the US wanted. So with the merits of lying about the reasons for the Iraq war and a defence turned upside down Figh Rasmussen had the merits to become head of NATO.


Sweden’s EU-presidency used against the interests of the South

Sweden also have a right-wing government acting the same way as the right-wing Danish government. In the case of Sweden it is equally misusing a key position. Under the Swedish EU-presidency the primeminister Reinfeldt have chosen to neglect the possibilities to have informal meetings to see to that  all countries including the poor and small are listened to. Instead Sweden have seen to that EU follows suit with Denamrk and only listen to the G20 countries sharply in contrast with earlier Swedish foreign policy and against the official EU rhetoric. Behind the scenes are the two formally key EU countries  in the COP15 process using their power to destroy what was left of the trust among impoverished countries that EU or the once progressive Nordic countries would take their considerations into account.




50 years of solidarity and environmental concern destroyed in one blow


This is tragic and signals a new period in world politics. 50 years ago in 1959 Sweden was the first Western country to oppose Western imperialism and refused to support the French view on the war in Algeria. Ten years later Sweden initiated the first UN Conference on environment held in Stockholm 1972. Denmark followed suit and supported in many cases also the South and started ambitious environmental prorgammes. Now in one blow Denmark and Sweden jointly destroys 50 years of good reputition in North-South and environmental issues. At the same time they show that they no longer believe in the idea of the UN as defender of smallnations in world politics but sees a future only as servants of the interests of the powerful nations. Jointly they thus have destroyed what trust there was in EU as a progessive part  in the negotiations thus beginning the Copenhagen Summit with a Danish-Swedish EU scandal against a fruitful COP15.




Tord Björk, Friends of the Earth Sweden


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