The Heat Is On, nr 4 Copenhagen process update Dec06

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The Heat Is On, nr 4 Copenhagen process update Dec06


1.   Four mass activities can create the most dynamic summit ever

2.   Time to comment!: System Change – Not Climate Change – Klimaforum declaration.

3.   Call for celebration, funeral and alternatives December 6

4.   Demonstrations

4a.  December 12: speakers, backing from 462 organisations, and a System Change not Climate Change bloc!
4b.  5 000 in anti WTO demonstration in Geneva November 28
4c.  40 000 in Stop the Climate Chaos demonstration in London December 5

5.   The Danish letter that saved us from a split

6.   New call-out for Reclaim Power December 16

7.   The new media-hype: The Never trust a COP

8.   A dynamic Via Campesina in the key position

9.   Friends of the Earth European Climate campaign meeting

10.  Students revolt in Austria and the linkage to Climate change

11.  Repression

11a. Police tactics at COP15
11b. Unsuccessful protest demonstration in Denmark
11c. Police in proactive operation hand-cuffing activists on false grounds


Conflicts between dualistic and consensus political cultures among actors initiating mass actions in Copenhagen have been sharp. But important steps have now been taken in Denmark towards more fruitful relations. Meanwhile the confrontations in the official process gets more and more sharp. The prime minister in Denmark sounds like a new Bob minister in Bagdad repeating his sound bite there will be a legally binding agreement. None else seems to care. But the last days a new tone is there. An non-binding agreement that is far from the historical binding agreement once stated as the only possible outcome is now promoted by main actors as governments in rich countries, UN general secretary and some new industrialised countries. A non-binding agreement against the interest of impoverished countries and far from solving the climate crisis even possibly bringing us on a wrong course. The Danish minister of Climate is enthusiastic about the decision by the US president to attend COP15 at the final negotiations in his attempt at steam rolling any hope for the binding agreement that once the Danish minister of climate claimed was the only option. In the world of spin doctors things move fast. You can follow the official game in many newspapers.

Lets take one of many out of the box, Berlingske, a leading conservative Danish daily: Rhetorically acknowledge the gravity of the issue and maximum 2 degrees increase in temperature, long term goals for reducing emissions globally by half until 2050 including funds for the South and almost no goals for the coming decade, rather 5 percent decrease instead of the 20 to 40 percent which UN scientists at least have been aiming at. No immediate specific targets for countries, no sanctions for not following an agreement, no specific resources for Southern countries. The last point one could add that it would be in accordance with media spin and oppressive negotiations to give some money to some Southern countries in the last minute that are far from close to what is needed, just to be able to state there was a climate justice component in the deal.

In this number 4 of The Heat Is On you will instead of the official power relations reporting get inside updates on the dynamics of the mass actions, the development of the relationships between different movements and political parties in Denmark and internationally. Both concerning political content, the cultural spirit, repression and other aspects of interest for popular movements. There will also be some travel reports and impressions from Copenhagen just before the COP starts.

For the official messages from mass activities and main actors you can find an updated overview with links and including map information on:

For the best inside information, the best is always to get involved.

Tord Björk

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