Four mass activities can create the most dynamic people´s summit ever

Tord Björk | Action,civil disobedience,International action,Summits | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

All four mass activities in Copenhagen have unique qualities and will together bring a dynamic momentum for building a movement of movements for climate justice. With Danish separatism in organising the four manifestations and international unity in bringing them together an open space is in place for uniting action and discussions, celebrations and protest, committed strength and openness for broad participation, resistance and building of alternatives. This gives the opportunity for both individuals and organizations to express themselves and act according to the needs of the situation with climate justice values at the core of the open space.

A demonstration with wider support than any environmental demonstration ever from 60 countries with freedom of expression and a broad appeal. A gathering of almost ten presidents at the same time from progressive governments in the South at the same time at a mass meeting in Europe for sustainable and   alternatives. A Klimaforum A Reclaim power action uniting forces from the outside and the inside to establish an alternative to COP when official delegates walk out and join hands with everyone that wants to have a climate justice now agenda and not an agenda in the interest of rich countries and corporations. A fifth mass activity might occur at the end of COP15.

Read more in an indepth analysis of the four mass actions, their specific qualities, the Danish and international organisations behind them and how they all related to wider political cultural patterns and their background in the history of different movement ways of working and summit protests.

The COP is naked part I- The Copenhagen People´s Revolution.

The COP is naked part II– how our ability to see it emerged.

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