December 6: Call for celebration, funerals and alternatives

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Call for celebration, funerals and alternatives at Climate Bottom meeting and for many other activities today

3a. Climate Justice Now

CJN! Have their first planning meeting today. They call upon everyone to come and celebrate at the CJN! Assembly at the Klimaforum on Sunday 13th of December: 15:00 – 18:00. “Bring your ideas to take the fight for climate justice back to their homes, onto the streets, and into the UN. Indigenous leaders, farmers, women and workers, community activists, singers, poets and story tellers will educate, inspire and give testimony. The hot issues in the negotiations will be debated and ideas for action / alternatives shared. Join us to learn about climate justice and to build our movement.”

3b. Climate Bottom Meeting – Windows of Hope Burying the American Dream

The Climate Bottom meeting started December 5: “Indigenous peoples from our Bottom Meeting go together and make a ceremony for the entire meeting and simultaneously will one from the Peace Watch light a torch by the eternal fire of the Peace-Watchers.”

The Climate Bottom meeting is one of the most ambitious initiatives during COP primarily taking place at Christiania but also at Klimaforum and the city centre. “A number of practical sustainable cities and eco-village initiatives around the world will be presented, showing different solutions to overcome the world’s ecological, social, spiritual and economic challenges.

There will be a variety of lectures, workshops, dance, and music. Throughout the conference, representatives from indigenous groups from all over the world will hold ceremonies as an inspiration and guidance to us all. Our hope is that the fusion of indigenous knowledge and practices with the lifestyles of eco-villages and sustainable urban communities will offer the fresh ideas and impulses that we need to lead Earth-friendly lives.

Organizers are, Christiania Culture Association, The Network for the Conservation of Christiania as a Green Urban-biotope, two Agenda 21 centers in Copenhagen (Sundby and Inner City), LØS, The Danish Association for Eco-villages, and GEN, Global Eco-village Network – in collaboration with many individuals, associations and groups.

The Climate Bottom Meeting will offer workshops, presentations and political debates mixed with entertainment activities, such as singing, dancing and music. In addition, there will also be a special youth forum and child program. We have invited experts, lay people, and politicians to lecture on a broad range of topics.”

Every day there will be a funeral when some phenomena that needs to be left behind is buried. It started by burying egoism. Today American life style is buried.

“The unambiguous focus on individuals and their freedom of expression makes the American Dream a dangerous dream. This is partially to due to a lack of concern for others, and partially because it is propagating a way of life that is rapidly decimating our shared natural environment, the very means of our existence. The American Dream sees the world as a free-for-all buffet and completely lacks an understanding of the ecological limitations of our planet.

We have been capable at giving our dreams and our existence concrete material expressions. Our identities are also strongly tied to material symbols. By parting with the American Dream we must increasingly turn to community life, gather around immaterial goods, and learn, to a much greater extent that today, to search for our identities, existence, and development in immaterial values.”

Read more and have fun at:

There is a lot more to chose from only today even before the official conference starts apart from preparatory meetings. Have a choice of Danish summit activities:

3c. Ride to Copenhagen

Is the collective final effort of a 15 000 km and 16 month long bike tour from Australia to Copenhagen read more at:

3d. Climate pilgrims

From Køge in the South, Elsinore in the North, Roskilde in the West and Lund in the East people from all directions will walk to Vår Frues Kirke in the middle of Copenhagen. Read more

3e. Seven meters art project

Danish artist Jens Galschiøt starts today his visualisation of the consequences of a seven meters increase of sea level. A 24 km long line of red lights seven meters high up will create the image of the potential new sea level. Read more at: To those interested in visiting the famous mermaid statue sh is now accompanied by another metal women, this time a very fat person on the backs of an impoverished person celebrating the fatness of the oppressing rich countries, also an artistic intervention by Galschiøt. Watch out, Copenhagen is full of surprises.

3f. “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”

At 13 o’clock a new film with Bob Dylan’s well known song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” will be screened for the first time at Kongens Nytorv. Bob Dylan is singing his song and photographies from the project Hard Rain are shown in this project presented by UNEP. Read more at:
At the same place UNEP have a climate labyrinth mad by banners signed by thosuands of people from all over the world to support the UN “Seal the Deal!” campaign.

3g. Climate for dummies

Danish Peoples High School organizes café evenings at Borup’s high school each day until December 12 were no questions are to stupid and mr and mrs Denmark can ask experts about the climate. Read more at:

3h. Alternative conference for climate scepticism

Danish People’s Party organizes a conference with domestic and foreign scientists as speakers in Christiansborg, the parliament. Read more at:

3i. Copenhagen Consensus Center banners against climate action
Lomborg is a Danish scientist and head of an institute that the government give millions of euro recently increased due to pressure from Danish peoples party. This Institute called Copenhagen Consensus Center a think tank under under Copenhagen Business School, will put banners up all over the city, on videos in the Metro and on postcards with the message to stop climate action. “Ionstead of using many hundreds of billions of dollars each year to stop emissions of CO2 should the resources for research and development of green energy be increased to a level up to 0,2 percent of global BNI”. At the most used climate website in Denmark with 5000 visits each day climate scepticism is now dominating the discussion forum.

3j. Copenhagen Climate Exchange
The biggest environmental NGO in Denmark, Danish Conservation Society organizes a fair at Øksnehallen in DGI-byen excepting 25 000 visitors. The focus is climate initiatives all over the world. The fair started on December 3 and ends today December 6. Read more at:

3k. Climate Spark night club business forum during COP15

Network and meet hundreds of business executives, entrepreneurs, investors and listen to a world-class panel of 5 CEOs from Suzlon, JP Morgan, Google, Climate Change Capital, Generation Investment Management, Danfoss, HSBC, Solar Century, Carbon Disclosure Project and 40 other companies about solutions to climate change — the full programme is at

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