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ADVAIR FOR SALE, In the end of October the chair persons of Living Sea, Free Farmers member of Via Campesina Denmark, and of Construction Workers Union disseminated an open letter opposing the December 16 Push for Climate Justice action organized by CJA and CJN as it was presented at press conferences and at the CJA web site. The title was Civil disobedience or naive activism. The open letter defended civil disobedience as a weapon of popular movements throughout history. "The strike and the blockade are rooted in civil disobedience."But the letter also claimed "In our view, ADVAIR australia, uk, us, usa, this experience speaks clearly against using civil disobedience against legitimate political gatherings. Rather, it is a misunderstanding of the whole spirit of civil disobedience. Therefore, we also strongly warn against implementing such a measure directed against the UN Summit in Copenhagen in December, as some activist groups have announced it in the press, ADVAIR FOR SALE. To disrupt a legal political meeting of this nature is in our opinion simply not appropriate." In the end of the letter there was an opening: "Should there be carried out civil disobedience actions at the summit, we will invite them to be more thoughtful than the one described above, ordering ADVAIR online. Instead of trying to break into the Bella Center one could for instance urge negotiators to disrupt the negotiations, and come out to meet the movements and listen to their demands for climate justice."

This letter caused strong reactions on the CJN email list were almost everyone stated total dismissal of the opinion of the three social movement organisation presidents. Especially the argument that "it is by no means clear that the demonstrators outside can better claim to speak on behalf of the people than the politicians inside." was seen as provocative. Where can i find ADVAIR online, The fact that the three chair persons share their opinion with many popular movements in Denmark including system critical groups seemed not to worry the contributors on the CJN list. ADVAIR FOR SALE, One can only look at the list of Danish supporters of the for mass activities in Copenhagen. Out of 111 organizations 4 supports CJA and the Reclaim power action December 16. On the CJA list the letter was ignored totally. None seemed to care about the need for seeing if a constructive dialogue could take place to widen the active or passive support and avoid to be denounced by a lot of climate justice minded organisations in Denmark. None tried to open a dialogue about the constructive part of the letter endorsing negotiators to go out from Bella center which one can see could become a main goal of the Reclaim power action if those from the inside can meet people from the outside, online buying ADVAIR.

It can be claimed that the Danish chair persons came to late with their opinion, ADVAIR FOR SALE. It can sometimes be hard to understand why many times in Scandinavia there is an informal consensus culture built on trust. In the end there will be a consensus even if you do not make your opinion very clear in public. The problems started already in the long period with an open process built on formal consensus with a problem. ADVAIR treatment, The individualistic Western European activism was combined with NGO diplomacy culture. ADVAIR FOR SALE, Thus both international and Danish NGOs and social movement present at CJA meetings were utterly polite and abstained from a clear message. This caused problems with an odd kind of consensus process were Western European individuals outnumber social movements representatives. Out of politeness or passivity but primarily confusion the social movements people do not state that they object the idea to enter the the UN conference building physically from the outside as such an official goal would make it impossible for almost all of them to take part from the inside as this would cause problem for their future accreditation within the UN system. Thus a decision was made at the June CJA meeting bound to bring problems ahead with the backing of both Danish and international organisations.

Still no organisations spoke up clearly, ADVAIR maximum dosage. Many Danish organisations trusted other Danes inside CJA that claimed that the decision should be changed, ADVAIR FOR SALE. Four months later at nect CJA meeting a change was made after both CJN and others stated that a goal for the action to enter Bella center was not acceptable. But still there was the same omnipotent goals of disrupting the COP15 for a whole day and smaller uncertaintes. The old call from June had also not been changed at the official CJA website when the open letter was disseminated. ADVAIR without a prescription, While the discussion on the CJN emaillist was rejecting the content of the letter almost totally CJA Denmark reacted in the opposite direction. ADVAIR FOR SALE, A meeting was called upon with reference to the letter with concerned Danish organisations including the peasants, fisherfolks and construction workers groups. For the first time open serious discussions took place among Danish organisations which was a great step forward compared to earlier. The positions did not change much  but direct channels for communications had been established which was a good result of the letter.

The letter proved also to be important in the next round of media debate on violence, this time concerning Never trust a COP and problems at the December 12 demonstration, ADVAIR duration. Adding to the discussion about similar problems with December 16 important social movements were on the brink of jumping of every mass activity as the media presented a picture of how activists would use demonstrations and mass actions as a tool for violent actions. The cooperation around the letter made it possible to state that an influential discussion was going on in the right direction, ADVAIR FOR SALE.

In the next call for Reclaim power much of the most criticised language was taken out. The only conflictual point left was the wording overcome police barriers. ADVAIR pharmacy, To some system-critical Danish organisations if not most any kind of civil disobedience at the Bella center including overcoming police barriers was seen as automatically creating violence and thus to be denounced.

This conflict still is there. ADVAIR FOR SALE, The position of these Danish organisations can be challenged on both matters of principle and empirical facts. On matters of principle it can be stated that if one admits that civil disobedience is useful for popular movements under certain circumstances it is hard to claim that people defending the rights of those violently effected by the decisions or lack thereof at COP15 should do something wrong if they even touched a policeman at the Bella center trying to overcome police barriers. Empirically the argument that such an act would automatically lead to violence is false. Exactly this kind of civil disobedience direct action was carried out at Bella center at the EU Summit in December 2002, purchase ADVAIR for sale. Than 700 demonstrators pushed the police, and were able to get into the Bella center area but stopped when they had achieved this goal. No arrests were mad and no violence was reported against the interest of the media, ADVAIR FOR SALE. Thus it is not true when Danish organisations claim that the kind of action called for in the last Reclaim power action automatically becomes violent. Kjøpe ADVAIR på nett, köpa ADVAIR online, With people coming from the inside out to such a mass action the situation also becomes more of a political problem for the official UN organisers than for the police thus making it a political confrontational People's Assembly rather than something else. As the dialogue between Western European activists groups, Danish concerned organisations and international movements can continue the remaining problems might be possible to solve once the dialogue thanks to the open letter have started.

Tord Björk

The open letter:
Civil disobedience or naive activism

Climate change poses a very serious threat to conditions of life on this
earth - and thus also for human civilization. ADVAIR FOR SALE, If we want to take this
challenge seriously is it required that we as soon as possible will phase
out the use of fossil fuels, which in turn implies quite fundamental
changes to the way we have constructed our society. That means a thorough
introspection by each one of us in the way we have organized our lives and
the values we consider essential, ADVAIR description. All this requires a thorough public
debate followed by targeted political action that pulls us out of the
insane over consumption of resources which characterizes the present

In this context, words and arguments of course are important, ADVAIR pharmacy, but all
experience shows that they are far from enough. The climate challenge has
been talked about for at least 30 years and there has been production of
tons of studies and reports which have identified the problem and what
should be done. Yet business remains largely as usual, yes, our politicians
have even spoken with two tongues, for while one has acknowledged the
climate change challenge in words, the actions taken have gone in the
opposite direction: Supported and developed all the societal activities
which brings the resource and energy consumption in the wrong direction, ADVAIR FOR SALE.

Therefore it is needed to complement the words and arguments with other
ways of "talking". It may, for example be singing, generic ADVAIR, music and other forms of
artistic expression, it can be bell sounded in the churches, it may be
demonstrations and happenings. Purchase ADVAIR online no prescription, And it may finally be civil disobedience.
With civil disobedience actions you can focus on specific vulnerabilities,
which truly reveals the prevailing double standards in the field, for
example expansion of a coal-fired power station, an airport, discount ADVAIR, a highway, a
shopping center or similar. ADVAIR FOR SALE, Civil disobedience is not a new concept invented by environmental and
climate activists. On the contrary, Cheap ADVAIR, it has been used as a weapon of the
labor movement for more than a hundred years. The strike and the blockade
are rooted in civil disobedience. Also other popular movements throughout
history have used civil disobedience, for example in the Indian liberation
struggle against the British colonial power. There is solid historical
experience with the use of civil disobedience, doses ADVAIR work, when it should be used - and
when it should not be used. In our view, this experience speaks clearly
against using civil disobedience against legitimate political gatherings, ADVAIR FOR SALE.
Rather, it is a misunderstanding of the whole spirit of civil disobedience. ADVAIR use, Therefore, we also strongly warn against implementing such a measure
directed against the UN Summit in Copenhagen in December, as some activist
groups have announced it in the press. To disrupt a legal political meeting
of this nature is in our opinion simply not appropriate. It will for sure
not serve the climate issue; on the contrary, buy cheap ADVAIR, it will get all the attention
to turn to the action form, rather than the content. ADVAIR FOR SALE, Proponents of this
measure say that it will block the meeting, and instead create a "People's
Assembly for Climate Justice". In our view this reflects a miscalculation
of the situation, Purchase ADVAIR for sale, for it is by no means clear that the demonstrators
outside can better claim to speak on behalf of the people than the
politicians inside. Finally, the action is hopeless all the time that the
police will certainly prevent its implementation, so the only thing that
comes out of the initiative would be a pointless confrontation which would
only serve to legitimize the already shameful trend towards a police state.

We think it is a shame if a good case will be overshadowed by a bad action, ADVAIR forum.
Most of the messages that the action wishes to put forward, we quite agree
with, but the way to express them will mean they will drown in police
batons and violence. We urge instead people to participate in the many
popular and constructive counter-activities that take place in parallel
with the climate summit, not least Klimaforum09 and the demonstration on
the 12th December, ADVAIR FOR SALE. ADVAIR without prescription, Should there be carried out civil disobedience actions
at the summit, we will invite them to be more thoughtful than the one
described above. Instead of trying to break into the Bella Center one could
for instance urge negotiators to disrupt the negotiations, and come out to
meet the movements and listen to their demands for climate justice.

Knud Andersen, ADVAIR pictures, President of Living Sea

Egon Kjaer Sorensen, president of Free Farmers, Via Campesina Denmark

Anders Olesen, Purchase ADVAIR online, president of Construction Workers Union, MS

unauthorized translation by Tord Björk, below the original Danish version:


Civil ulydighed eller naiv aktivisme

Klimaforandringerne udgør en dybt alvorlig trussel mod livsbetingelserne på
denne jord – og dermed også for den menneskelige civilisation. Hvis vi vil
tage denne udfordring alvorligt, forudsætter det, ADVAIR from canadian pharmacy, at vi så hurtigt som
overhovedet muligt får afviklet brugen af fossile brændsler, hvilket på sin
side indebærer helt fundamentale ændringer af den måde, vi hidtil har
indrettet vore samfund på. ADVAIR FOR SALE, Det betyder igen en tilbundsgående
selvransagelse hos hver enkelt af os om den måde, vi hver især har
tilrettelagt vort liv, samt om de værdier vi anser for væsentlige. ADVAIR long term, Alt
dette kræver en dybtgående folkelig debat efterfulgt af målrettet politisk
handling, der trækker os ud af det vanvittige ressourcefråseri, som præger
den nuværende udvikling.

I den forbindelse er ord og argumenter selvfølgelig vigtige, men al
erfaring peger på, rx free ADVAIR, at de langt fra er nok. For klimaproblematikken har jo
været i-tale-sat i mindst 30 år og der er blevet produceret tonsvis af
analyser og rapporter, der har peget på problemet, ADVAIR blogs, samt hvad der bør gøres.
Alligevel er business stort set fortsat as usual, ja, vore politikere har
oven i købet talt med to tunger, for samtidig med at man i ord har
anerkendt klimaudfordringen, ADVAIR duration, har man i handling gjort det stik modsatte:
Understøttet og udbygget alle de samfundsaktiviteter, der trækker
ressource- og energiforbruget i den helt forkerte retning.

Derfor er der brug for at supplere ord og argumenter med andre måder at
”tale” på, ADVAIR FOR SALE. Det kan f.eks. ADVAIR price, coupon, være sang, musik og andre kunstneriske
udtryksformer, det kan være klokkeklang i kirkerne, det kan være
demonstrationer og happenings. Og det kan endelig være civil ulydighed, online ADVAIR without a prescription. Med
civile ulydighedsaktioner kan man sætte fokus på særligt ømme punkter, der
virkeligt afslører den herskende dobbeltmoral på området, f.eks. ADVAIR FOR SALE, udbygningen af et kulfyret kraftværk, en lufthavn, en motorvej, et
indkøbscenter eller lignende. Order ADVAIR online overnight delivery no prescription, Civil ulydighed er ikke noget nyt begreb opfundet af miljø- og
klimaaktivister. Tværtimod har det været brugt som kampmiddel af
arbejderbevægelsen i mere end hundrede år. Strejken og blokaden er
rodfæstet civil ulydighed. Også andre folkebevægelser har gennem tiderne
anvendt civil ulydighed, f.eks, ADVAIR class. i den indiske befrielseskamp mod den
engelske kolonimagt, ADVAIR FOR SALE. Der findes solide historiske erfaringer med brug af
civil ulydighed, hvornår det bør bruges - og hvornår det ikke bør bruges.
Efter vores opfattelse taler disse erfaringer entydigt imod at bruge civil
ulydighed mod legitime politiske forsamlinger. Australia, uk, us, usa, Det er tværtimod en
misforståelse af hele tankegangen i civil ulydighed.

Derfor vil vi også indtrængende advare mod at gennemføre en sådan aktion
vendt mod FN-topmødet i København til december, sådan som visse
aktivistkredse har annonceret det i pressen. ADVAIR FOR SALE, At ville afbryde et legalt
politisk møde af denne karakter er efter vores mening ganske enkelt ikke
hensigtsmæssigt. Det vil med garanti ikke tjene klimasagen; tværtimod vil
det få al opmærksomhed til at vende sig mod aktionens form, frem for mod
indholdet. Fortalerne for denne aktion siger, at man vil blokere mødet, for
i stedet at oprette et ”Folkets topmøde for klimaretfærdighed”. Efter vores
mening afspejler dette en fejlvurdering af situationen, for det er på ingen
måde klart, at demonstranterne udenfor i højere grad kan hævde at tale på
folkets vegne end politikerne indenfor. Endelig er aktionen udsigtsløs al
den stund, at politiet med sikkerhed vil forhindre dens gennemførelse,
hvorfor det eneste, der kommer ud af initiativet vil være en meningsløs
konfrontation, der blot vil tjene til at legitimere den allerede
beskæmmende udvikling i retning af en politistat.

Vi synes, det er ærgerligt, hvis en god sag skal overskygges af en dårlig
aktion, ADVAIR FOR SALE. Hovedparten af de budskaber, som aktionen ønsker at fremføre, er vi
ganske enige i, men måden at fremføre dem på vil betyde, at de vil drukne i
politistave og vold. Vi opfordrer i stedet folk til at deltage i de mange
folkelige og konstruktive mod-aktiviteter, der finder sted parallelt med
Klimatopmødet, ikke mindst Klimaforum09 og demonstrationen d. 12. december.
Såfremt der skal gennemføres civile ulydighedsaktioner under topmødet, vil
vi opfordre til, at de bliver mere gennemtænkte end den ovenfor omtalte. I
stedet for at søge at bryde ind i Bellacentret kunne man f.eks. opfordre
forhandlerne til at afbryde forhandlingerne, for at komme ud og møde
bevægelserne og lytte til deres krav om klimaretfærdighed.

Knud Andersen, formand for Levende Hav

Egon Kjær Sørensen, formand for Frie Bønder

Anders Olesen, formand for Byggefagenes Samvirke.

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