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Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Sitting representing the strongest present global mass movement at the press conference ending the Climate Justice Action meeting in October were two women from Via Campesina. It is no coincidence. Peasants all over the world are the most effected by the proposals for solutions from the rich countries promoted at COP15. Female Via Campesina activists are often in the forefront of the struggle. A global emission trading market would open an avenue for massive land grabbing risking the livelihoods of millions and millions of peasants. As almost no other organisation promote the values of popular movement mobilisation globally through non-violent action.

Contrary to many organisations Via Campesina is a mass organisation in most countries although very small in Denmark and Sweden. As there has been criticism as expressed in the letter about the Reclaim power – Push for climate justice action December 16 by the chairman of Frie Bønder which is a member of Via Campesina the situation is not easy. In spite of this Via Campesina is clearly committed to make actions in Copenhagen and also expressed themselves about the problems at the recent anti-WTO demonstration in Geneva.
Here is the call out for Copenhagen.

Open letter from Via Campesina

Small farmers cool down the earth!

Copenhagen: La Via Campesina joins the mobilisations

Here is the press release about the WTO demonstration

Geneva mobilization: where is the real violence?

Here is the press release about the WTO manifestation

Action of Via Campesina in front of the WTO building

Here is the press release about Copenhagen December 2:

Farmers movement mobilize in Copenhagen

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