Repression: Unsuccessful demonstration in Denmark

Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The fact that less than 200 persons participated in a demonstration in Copenhagen against the new law package now decided in parliament against climate demonstrators shows a clear weakness in the capacity to respond to growing willingness to use repression against freedom of speech. That this unsuccessful demonstration not have been reported on any of the the two most important mobilisation email lists used by Climate Justice Now and Climate Justice Action is also worrisome. If we only report on news that are positive we are in trouble not making it possible for everyone to make there own assessment of the situation. The way the government falsely have presented the law as necessary to be able to act against violence when in fact it was only directed against by-standers that passively by not moving not follow orders from the police, sit-down strikes, pickets and the like. The way the media swallowed this false marketing shows how established media in Denmark have merged with an oppressive state and become an anti-democratic tool against the interest of freedom of speech. Only in the UK has here been a really united strong protest against the new Danish law package.

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