European Social Forum Programme Group meeting held in Paris on 21/22 November

Tord Björk | ESF | Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Notes from European Social Forum Programme Group meeting held in Paris on 21/22 November

20 people joined the meeting from; No-Vox, LDH,COBAS, ISF/Czechia, ACTIT,
BEKSAV, Social Forum of Turkey, AEDH, CARITAS, ESF Activist News Agency,
Greek Social Forum, Transform, Attac, Belgian Social Forum, FSU, Aitec/IPAM

1. Program Process
2. Assembly of Assemblies
3. Thematic Spaces
4.Big Events \ Plenaries
5.A day or timeslot for Regional issues
6.OPENESF – Websites

Program Process:
French Commmittee’s proposal to use  networks and thematic groups to
formulate the program  together with the traditional way of getting
proposals for activities was accepted with general concensus. It is
important to note that that the French position is really not impeeding
the groups outside of the networks to have their activities. But using
networks/thematic groups to build the program on collective proposals.
And starting with the Berlin EPA, different thematics groups (networks)
will try to formulate their proposals on that theme.

Calendar of Program Process:
15th Of December, Starting of Seminar Proposals
15th of March Starting of the Voulntary Merging
25th of April End of Voluntary Merging
11-12-13rd of May Program Working Group meeting in Istanbul –
Finalization of  the Program Proposal by European Program Working Group
14-15-16th of May Last EPA in Istanbul; Finalization Of the Program

It is important to finalize the program as early as possible in order to
publiticize the ESF 2010.
Each organization can propose at most 3 activities and each network can
propose at most 5 activities.
Social Forum of Turkey will declare the exact number of the rooms and
their prices in the Berlin EPA.

Assembly of  Assemblies:
On the last day of the Forum (Sunday) there will be first Thematic
Assemblies and after that there will be an Assembly of Assemblies. In that
case, there won’t be a need to have a Social Movements Assembly. It will
be a good idea to use existing and newly formed networks for Thematic
Assemblies. But also some other groups can propose Thematic Assemblies.
Proposals for Thematic Assemblies will be merged too.

Thematic Spaces:
As a place to meet with other activists who are working on the same issues
and create a visibility to certain themes, Thematic Spaces are very
important. Organizing Committee of Turkey will come to the Berlin EPA with
a concrete proposal on how much places there are for Thematic Spaces and
how much will be the cost for Thematic Spaces.

Big Events:
Opening session will be a big event which will give the Forum visibility.
And also there will be some concerts, cultural activities etc.  But Social
Forum of Turkey also proposed to have very limited numbers of plenaires in
Istanbul ESF with notable speakers in order to boost the participation.
There was an opposition to this proposal. Social Forum of Turkey will
prepare a more concrete proposal about plenaries to Berlin EPA.

A day on Regional issues:
There was a proposal about a day on regional problems, one day before the
ESF 2010. But since there will be World March of Women Assembly and March,
one day before the ESF, we won”t be able to have a day before the ESF.
Social Forum of Turkey will discuss this issue and if there is a need for
a timeslot for regional issues, half of the First day can be used for this
or some other time slot.

Openesf is an important tool to collobaratively prepare the activities fo
ESF 2010 and for following the work after the ESF. And right now it has a
cost of around 400 Euros per month which need to be paid if we want to go
on using this tool. It is up to the Social Forum of Turkey to decide if
they want to use this tool or something else etc.

Sent by Social Forum of Turkey

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