Climate Justice Now cooperates more closely with CJA and Klimaforum

Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Sunday, October 25th, 2009

A Climate Justice Action meeting took place in Copenhagen to prepare for actions in December October 15-18 and a Klimaforum meeting on October 18. At both occasions Climate Justice Now organisations as Via Campesina was a strong cooperation partner.

The mostly discussed topic at the CJA meeting was the December 16 action. At the plenary discussion on December 17 at the Factory in Christiania Via Campesina focused upon the People’s Assembly when delegates from inside the Bella center could meet the mass action outside as most important as the most important goal of the action. Everything was not in every detail settled. But it was decided to change the goal of the mass action from entering the building to entering the Bella center area.

The wording used by the CJA press spokes persons to the media was:

“On the 16th of December, CJA will put climate justice and the voices of marginalized peoples from across the North and the South at the top of the agenda. Led by activists from the Global South we will challenge the corporate and governmental elites at the UN climate talks, overcoming police barriers with civil disobedience to hold a People’s Climate Justice Summit.”

The plenary was followed by a discussion between CJA and CJN not followed by another plenary. Thus some few details still remain to be discussed. Measures against repression was pointed out as especially important for participants from the South, People’s Movement on Climate Change pointed out. Only those organisations in CJN that actively sign on to take part in the December 16 action are supporters. Via Campesina were invited to be present at the press conference. The next CJA meeting will take place directly prior to COP15 December 4-6.

On October 18 CJN had a meeting with Klimaforum. Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth International, People’s Movement on Climate Change, Jubilee South, Focus on the Global South and many others especially from the French Climate Justice Movement participated together with the Danish board and the declaration group in the meeting. It became clear that Klimaforum will set up an advisory board with international organisations to get stronger cooperation between Danish and international organizations for arranging the forum. Program and declaration was discussed more in detail. A preliminary program is not at the klimaforum web site. A plan for the declaration process was decided.

In the first stage an international editing committee for the declaration will be set up within a week consisting of two from the Danish board, three from theme groups already working and three from international organisations. A first draft will be presented on November 15 building upopn existing international climate justice documents and what the members of the editorial committee can contribute. The existing theme groups have been asked to contribute in two steps, firstly before November 1 and also a second time responding to the first draft. A second draft will be presented on December 5 to be discussed and decided upon at the Klimaforum December 7-10. The proposed title is System change, not climate change.

At the Klimaforum meeting the December 12 initiative also presented the demonstration. Speakers became a much discussed issue. While the Danish organisers wanted names the audience wanted to discuss criteria for were speakers should come from. It became clear that Climate Justice movement want to organise a joint bloc in the demonstration under the banner System Change not Climate Change.

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