The Heat Is On, nr 2 Copenhagen process update during a week

From FoE Sweden perspectives

1. Building a movement of movements takes great steps forward. Both Climate Justice Action and Climate Forum 09 gets much stronger support from global popular movements and organisers of the two initiatives show more openness in listening to criticism, VERMOX natural.

2. Order VERMOX online c.o.d, Via Campesina moves forward in the process linking more closely to Climate Forum and strengthening action-orientation. 

3. Anti-imperialistic forces strengthen their role in Copenhagen in both CJA, Climate Forum process and by initiating the probably biggest mass meeting during COP15 on December 17, VERMOX FOR SALE.

4. Big NGOs criticised and change position, online VERMOX without a prescription.

5. VERMOX alternatives, Memorandum on the December 16 action 

6. VERMOX FOR SALE, Changing main stream leftist and environmental messaging in Sweden towards COP15.


Demonstrators at the Bangkok meeting demanding climate justice

The last climate justice week have seen some drastic changes towards strengthening a climate alliance before, during and after Copenhagen, buy cheap VERMOX. While the US and EU more and more tries to avoid the responsibility of rich nations to make substantial contributions to stop global warming an alliance of popular movements and impoverished nations take great leaps forward. Where to buy VERMOX, This can be seen in Bangkok among both those inside the negotiations and outside, both among governments and the so called civil society and its non-government organisations. When the US and EU goes drastically in the direction of even attempting at destroying the Kyoto agreement replacing it with a useless process with no specific demands governments in Africa, VERMOX images, Latin America, VERMOX interactions, Asia and the Pacific increasingly oppose the political pressure from the rich countries. Now not only activists talks about "Seattle the Copenhagen process" but also some governmental voices, VERMOX FOR SALE.

What we can hope for according to Tadzio Müller, a German activists in the Climate Justice Action, VERMOX maximum dosage, as a historical new alliance emerging between the old environmental movement, Where can i find VERMOX online, the globalisation critical movement and many mass movements from the south building a movement of movements for the struggle for climate justice.  


1. Building a movement of movements takes great steps forward, real brand VERMOX online. Both Climate Justice Action and Climate Forum 09 gets much stronger support from global popular movements and organisers of the two initiatives show more openness in listening to criticism. VERMOX FOR SALE, Climate Justice Now. VERMOX photos, Network followed suit after People's Movement on Climate Change and decided to co-arrange the CJA reclaim Power action on December 16 with some decisive changes. No more mass penetration of the official venue but pushing forward to the fences and there create a space for climate justice demands together with government and NGO delegations from the inside. Almost no Danish organisations is yet behind the initiative while now global popular movements intervene in the Danish passivity and forces Danish organisations to choose between being bystanders or participate and influence the mass action, taking VERMOX. The CJA meeting to discuss further takes place in Copenhagen October 15-17. 

Friends of the Earth International and Via Campesina also followed suit after PMCC and became more seriously involved in the Climate Forum 09 process. At a meeting with Joseph Zacune from FOEI and Nico Verhagen from Via Campesina a common understanding was established and an outline of a closer relationship between global popular movements and Climate Forum 09 discussed including active participation ion the declaration process, VERMOX FOR SALE. Buy VERMOX from canada, The Danish initiators made it clear that they adjust to the criticism for aiming at a to long declaration but stick to their intention to include a piece on the goal of sustainable transition of our societies and how it can be done while also including the climate justice demands. A meeting has been announced for October 18 in conjunction to the CJA meeting to discuss the international cooperation and declaration process further.

2, VERMOX steet value. Via Campesina moves forward in the process linking more closely to Climate Forum and strengthening action-orientation. 

Via Campesinas active involvement have lessoned tensions in Copenhagen. VERMOX FOR SALE, With important and good experience from Summits as in Cancun 2003 with solidarity between many different protesters and bad experiences from Hongkong 2004 VC plays a crucial role in understanding the need for combining mass actions on the streets with political struggle inside negotiations and links to progressive governments. VERMOX blogs, VC os active in the Trade to Climate caravan from the WTRO summit in Geneva to Copenhagen and in organizing agricultural actions on December 15. 

3. Anti-imperialistic forces strengthen their role in Copenhagen in both CJA, Climate Forum process and by initiating the probably biggest mass meeting during COP15 on December 17, VERMOX use.

While other international organisations were more reluctant peoples Movement on Climate Change was very active both in the CJA process and the Climate forum declaration process as well as in Bangkok. VERMOX recreational, This have put this anti-imperialistic initiative in an advantage position that is now changing somewhat as new international organisations becomes involved. 18 Danish organisations now also announces that they will arrange the probaly biggest mass meeting during COP on december 17 with the presidents of the ALBA countries from Latin America at the Valby hall with space for 5000 participants, VERMOX FOR SALE.

4. Big NGOs criticised and change position, VERMOX samples.

Southern nations have been radicalised during the Bangkok meeting and now starts to question the position of some Northern NGOs. Get VERMOX, Meanwhile it is reported that for the first time CAN, Climate Action Network is critical towards emission trading. VERMOX FOR SALE, The whole political field is moving towards more polarisation and the big NGOs have to adjust. Also from the December 12 initiatives comes more radical messages about what the demonstration is about, VERMOX mg.

5. VERMOX schedule, Memorandum on the December 16 action 

FoE Sweden climate actvists have made a memorandum on the december 16 CJA action. At a meeting on October 8 in Malmö it became clear that many of the priciples have been met by changes in the plans and due to influence from CJN. But quite a few questions remains to be addressed. 

6, VERMOX FOR SALE. Changing main stream leftist and environmental messaging in Sweden towards COP15, where can i cheapest VERMOX online.

See the report From Confrontation to reconciliation in Malmö

Confrontation became Reconciliation in Malmö towards COP15

What strategies should the climate movement which is becoming a climate justice movement have before, VERMOX long term, during and after the Copenhagen summit. These were issues that were debated at a cafe meeting arranged by the Friends of the Earth and Attac Malmö at the Kvarnby People's High School October 8 some 45 minutes by public transport from the COP15 venue. Tadzio Mueller from the Climate Justice Action and Reclaim Power action December 16 were invited to speak together with Andreas Malm from the December 12 Initiative, VERMOX dose, which organizes a demonstration in Copenhagen. VERMOX FOR SALE, The meeting was well attended by some 70 people, mainly young activists from Malmö. After VERMOX, The meeting was opened by a confrontation. Andreas Malm attacked the ideas to penetrate in mass scale the Bella Center on December 16, where the climate negotiations with the heads of states takes place, buy cheap VERMOX no rx. Malm also sharply attacked the shortcomings of the Kyoto protocol and the way that rich countries are opposed to the poorer countries' demands in the process. VERMOX pharmacy, The political power struggle in Copenhagen he described as periphery struggling for survival against the Center. He argued further that a bad treaty in Copenhagen is worse than no treaty at all, VERMOX FOR SALE. Such a bad agreement is now what the United States and Europe promotes. It would contribute to false solutions to climate change and also be worse than the original Kyoto protocol, VERMOX class. He also stated that denouncing the UN or the COP process as such was a big mistake. VERMOX pictures, It is necessary to acknowledge the difference between the UN as the only body in which all countries can have their voice heard and bodies like the WTO or G8, where the rich countries sets the agenda. VERMOX FOR SALE, An example of this anti-UN and COP position he took was the Network Never Trust a COP who oppose the government's legitimacy and the whole climate summit. Instead of this attitude and an action aiming at occupying the conference for a whole day Malm suggested that more important was broad mobilizations such as the December 12 Initiative, VERMOX reviews. This initiative brought together a wide range behind the radical demand that the Western countries that emitted most greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are most responsible for act and promote solutions. Low dose VERMOX, Market solutions as a model for climate policy was rejected according to Malm by the December 12 initiative. Instead the platform promotes that rich countries invests in renewable energy and adaptation to climate change in poorer countries. 

Tadzio Mueller pointed to the need for mass action that highlights the existing conflicts. He said that even broad mass demonstrations and can have demobilising effects and not establish any lasting movement, VERMOX FOR SALE. He took the anti Iraq war demonstrations as an example, VERMOX cost. In contrast he put Seattle in 1999 that led to the movements that had previously been separated formed a globalization-critical movement. Cheap VERMOX, Many were inspired by the mass actions in Seattle, and particularly the civil disobedience actions that tens of thousands took part in while the violent clashes with the police were very few. In addition, VERMOX duration, Tadzio could announce that Climate Justice Now, which consists of mass movements in particular from the South decided to support and co-organize the mass action at Bella Center December 16 in a modified form. VERMOX FOR SALE, Massive penetration is no longer the issue but to press forward to the fences around the Bella Center and create a space for climate justice together with delegations from the inside. 

There has been in Sweden a strong concern among many organizations against the decision taken by the Climate Justice Action in June promoting a mass-scale penetration COP15 meeting at the Bella Center on December 16. The worries have existed in both Klimax, autonomous groups, Friends of the Earth, Climate Action and other leftist and environmental groups. The basis of the concern has been to different reasons. One common Swedish concern among a wide range of political forces is well-targeted actions based on good information about what is politically and practically feasible and a good trust in each other where there is confidence in the commitment to common principles. Organizations may have different tactics and strategy in general also in Copenhagen. But there is in Sweden a strong desire to cooperate across differences in actions that shows the seriousness of the climate justice demands and how they are in conflict with the prevailing policies of rich countries in the COP process and influence in world politics more generally, VERMOX FOR SALE. A penetration action in mass scale at the Bella Center could well lead to an escalation of violence that makes political damage and can cause very serious injuries. No organization in Sweden have supported this idea as we know of, on the contrary, there has been strong disapproval. 

Friends of the Earth has been actively intervening in order to change the way the action was planned and influence both the Danish organizations, Climate Justice Action and international social movement. Instead of penetrating in mass scale FoE Sweden climate group proposed a mass action towards the Bella Center, were only a group a group representing the mass action mainly with representatives from the South are demanded to come into  the summit to present their case. If this is not possible to arrange a meeting at the barriers between the delegations of governments and NGOs on the inside supporting climate justice demands and the mass action on the outside can in practice move the COP15 and get a focus on the alliance between social movements and governments that may be the lasting power of Copenhagen to continue struggling for Climate justice demands. 

The developments therefore was perceived as very positive at the meeting which ended in a general reconciliation. VERMOX FOR SALE, Many problems remain both concerning the action December 16, and the demonstration December 12. How shall the action at the Bella Center be designed to meet its political objectives. How is it possible that Danish organizations so far most totally against the action realize the fact that global social movements will organize the action anyway and would gladly discuss with Danish movements how it can best be designed . Around the December 12 demonstration were more question marks. It can be seen as a fragmented alliance of large NGOs, a few trade unions, environmental organizations and radical groups, without a clear unifying political idea. It may also be that the type of organizations that are behind the initiative is unable to convince the various factions involved to stick to a single line, VERMOX FOR SALE. Malm stated that the political platform was clear and that market solutions were rejected. This can be seen as crucial for a sufficiently uniting the participants. He said it was a change in the political platform of the demonstration and referred to the homepage for the December 12 initiative. It reads as follows: 

“We demand that world leaders take the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate, so that the entire world can move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty which is both equitable and effective in minimising dangerous climate change. VERMOX FOR SALE, We demand that the long-industrialised countries that have emitted most greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere take responsibility for climate change mitigation by immediately reducing their own emissions as well as investing in a clean energy revolution in the developing world. Developed countries must take their fair share of the responsibility to pay for the adaptive measures that have to be taken, especially by low-emitting countries with limited economic resources.

Climate change will hit the poorest first and hardest. All who have the economic means to act, must therefore urgently and decisively do so.”

If this is a clear message enough message can be discussed. A clear climate justice message can and should also be directed against big NGOs now criticized by the governments of the South not to pursue climate justice demands during the climate negotiations. It can be seen as the contrary as if the platform gives free rein to the message from big NGOs for charity in support of poor victims of climate change instead of struggling for climate justic against market based solutions together with the global majority rather than Malm's interpretation. 

Tord Björk

This report raised some discussion. It is true that the goal is not any more to organise a mass penetration of the Bella Center. Instead it is to overcome police barriers and enter the Bella center area, which is slightly differtn from what is stated above, to press forward to the fences around the Bella Center.

The point of views in this report does not necessarily are the same as that of Friends of the Earth Sweden.

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