European Social Forum 2008 report

Tord Björk | ESF | Monday, January 19th, 2009

During the autumn I made a 76 page report about ESF 2008 based on almost 1 000 internet sources, mainly in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic.  It is available as a pdf file at It is in Swedish but fully illustrated which may make it interesting to look at even if the text is hardly understandable. Rhere is also documentation and analysis in english at

Latin American movements played an important part at ESF 2008

And so did Latin American individuals as here Antonio Martins from Brazil presenting a media project

Trade unions had a stronger presence at ESF in Malmö than before according to many trade unionists

And they were moving!

And so were others!

While others were making a die-in to save the environment

The central venue with enternainment building built as a mosque in the 19th century in Folkets Park, a leisure park owned by workers which became an economic success and created the finance capital for the workers movement in Sweden to srat their own newwspapers and cooperatives.


Seminar on welfare issues

Ready for making propaganda against privatisation wherever possible

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