ESF preparatory meeting in Diyarbakir ended with demonstration

Tord Björk | ESF | Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
In June 2010 will the next Euro Social Forum take place in Istanbul. In its preparation, there were Friday and Saturday, September 26 and 25 in the ‘unofficial capital of the Kurds’, in Diyarbakir, a meeting of the European Preparatory Assambly (EPA). Participants came from Turkey, Western and Eastern Europe. It has been specifically defined topics for Istanbul 2010 ( ‘axis’) and further mobilisations steps were discussed. There were greetings, among other things from the mayor of Diyarbakir and the general secretary of the left trade union DISK Görgün Tayfun.

At the end of the EPA and as a prelude to Mesopotamia Social Forum, a demonstration was held. Oman-you start at the park is and Sümer Park, where a cultural program was organized.

More than 4000 people attended the demonstration, were naturally the suppression of the Kurdish people were at the heart of the message. Particularly impressing was to watch the reactions of passers-by and local residents who, out of the windows or climbing on top of the roofs (!): Again and again applauded, and making the victory sign with their fingers.

From a report by Hermann Dworzak
The axis proposals discussed directly prior to the EPA meeting at a European program meeting were the following:
Axes Proposals from program and structure working group meeting in Istanbul

1. Global Economic crises, resistance and alternatives
2. Social Rights for Social Europe, Public Services for all
3. Democratic and rights based Europe
4. National and minority rights
5. Discrimination and equality, against male domination and homophobia
6. A sustainable world, agriculture, water, food sovereignity, energy,
enviromental and climate change
7. War and peace, against war, militarism, occupation
8. Youth: right to educaiton, work and future
9. Democratising knowledge, creating alternatives
10. Social Movements, the state and future of global justice movement

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