Stora Enso lied blaiming falsely MST to be violent

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Stora Enso is a Finnish-Swedish forest company involved in land conflicts with movements in the third world. It has a strong Finnish state ownership. on August 30 the biggest daily in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat published an article on three pages which for the first time broadly criticized the company for its actvitiy on Brasil. The title was: Stora Enso earns a lot of money and causes much pain.  It was denouncing the companies operations Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia.
But it had an error, the reporter wrote it as a quote from Joao Paulo speaking at reunion July 8 as he had threatened with violence and death if Stora Enso did not leave the country. This was the claim of the communications director Lauri Peltola, who said that Stora Enso had a recording that confirms this. The reporter accepted it as truth and wrote it as a quotation.

This was false. There were other recordings of the same meeting showing that Stora Enso misinterpreted what had been said. The newspaper was informed by Friends of MST in Finland that the article was wrong. After that the recordings has been translated by the magazine Voima and published on the net and some other translations were done Helsingin Sanomat made a correction. The title now was: Stora Enso distorted (lied) about threats of violence.

The police pointing their gun at MST activist during an occupation of Stora Enso plantation in Rio Grande do Sul. Many female activists were injured during the police action against the occupation. For more information read this blog:

This article corrects the error. In fact there has been in total 5 insertions in the newspaper on the subject, Stora Enso had its reputation tarnished. Some of the developments can be followed here:

The first article published 30.8.2009 in Helsingin Sanomat English:’s+jackpot/1135248979552

After that article, Stora Enso CEO claims Finnish Friends of the Landless to be aggressive and spreading wrong information from Stora Enso. CEO explains also the claims from the public prosecutor of the city of Eunápolis accusing Stora Enso for their activites, Mr. João Alves da Silva Neto, to be ” a single individual made” and without any proof. In English:

Friends of the landless replied to these blames, concerning MST to be violent and Friends of the Landless Finland to be aggressive and misleading, with two published responses. Published 10.9.2009 and 13.9.2009 in Helsingin Sanomat
In Finnish:

Fighting continued in the media between translations that has been made from the speech made by MST leader Joao Paolo Rodriguez. MST leaders and Stora Enso had a meeting in Sao Paulo recently, it looks like both, MST and Stora Enso has recorded the meeting. Finnish indymedia

newspaper Voima got the tape recorded by MST and it published the tape in its web-news called fifi ( Fifi published the tape in Hanna Nikkanen’s blog. published 18.09.2009 In Finnish:

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