1500 in Shut it down action in Copenhagen

Tord Björk | Action,civil disobedience,Climate,police | Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Today about 1500 people took direct action to shut down one of Copenhagen’s coal fire power plants. The action plan was openly announced several months ago and Danish police have been gearing up for massive use of force and to trial new anti-protest laws. Around 100 of the protesters managed to get inside the power plant which should have been shut down due to safety regulations at that point- but was kept running. However, as this was the goal for the action protesters have declared the action a success. Around 100 people have been arrested. One person so far has been charged. The action was widely and positively covered in Danish news and protesters regard it as a very positive trial run for actions around the COP 15.

From Climate Justice Action emaillist

For a regular news and badly google translated versions of the inspiring civil disobedience ‘shut it down’ action in copenhagen today targeting a coal fire power plant read:


For the original in Danish go to:

For some more pics:

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