ESF preparations: Link ecological and social crisis when mobilising for Copenhagen

Text adopted by the participants  of the EPA in Vienna (20th-21st of June 09):

Besides the financial  and economic crises, the climate crisis, including the energy crisis, is the  other dimension of the global crisis we face. We participants of the EPA in  Vienna, recognize the importance and the challenge of social movements, trade  unions and NGOs to build the links between the ecological and the social  crises as they are intrinsically linked with each other. We commit ourselves  and call upon all social movements and social organisations in Europe to  engage in building joint agendas of mobilization towards the UN Climate Change  Summit in Copenhagen and beyond. At the core of these efforts shall be the  building of an integrated answer and alternative addressing the social and  ecological question at the same time, supporting the ecological conversion of  our economies. We propose a collective meeting in the early autumn to build  convergences towards Copenhagen.

Text from the network meeting on  Copenhagen at the EPA:

We call upon interested organisations to  contribute to building a constructive program promoting public transport,  conversion of car and other fossil-based industries, ecological reconstruction  of housing, agricultural reform and supporting public solutions. A program  that needs to be financed by a redistribution of wealth from the rich to the  majority and promote public and political solutions rather than market based  solutions.


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