Police report one dead demonstrator in London

Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

BBC makes the following report from the G-20 demonstrations in London:

“There have been 63 arrests, with some police and protesters injured. Later, a man died after collapsing, police said.

He was found unconscious near the Bank of England and two police medics were unable to resuscitate him.

At 1930 BST, the London Ambulance Service took him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

Sky makes a similar report. Indepedent sources have not been able to confirm what have happened so far.

The 6-7 000 men police force have been acting strongly outside Bank of England and Royal Bank of Scotland. Clashes have occured especially when the police stops peoples from getting away, so called kettle tactics. The police have also stopped the reopening of the alternative summit at the University of East London. During the evening they also kettled some 2000 persons in the peaceful climate camp and by midnight some 500 were still kept inside the kettle.

Anger was especialy strong outside the Royal Bank of Scotland and finally wondows were broken nad protesters went inside and smashed the interior. BBC reports: “RBS has been in the spotlight after the £703,000 pension arrangement of former chief executive, Sir Fred Goodwin, sparked public anger.”

The day begun by workers at car supply firm Visteon in Enfield was occupied by the workers when they upon he arrived at their work was informed that the company was gone bankrupt and all were unemployed. At eleven four G-20 Meltdown demonstrations started heading for Bank of England were some 5000 demonstrators gathered.

Picture from Indymedia UK

“Can we overthrow the government – yes we can” is one of the slogans on the banners. It may sound as hubris. But the fact is that in Iceland sustained demonstrations since beginning of October when the global crisis due to extremely speculative bakers hit the country finally overthrow the government by the end of January. For the first time since anti-NATO demonstrations in 1949 the police used tear gas against the violnet demonstrators. At its peak 6000 demonstrated out of a population of slightly more than 300000, that is 2 percent of the population. In Great Britain that would mean that more than a million take to the streets. That is far from the situation yet in London.

From Indymedia UK

You can follow the course of events in London in main stream media or more in detail at Indymedia: http://www.indymedia.org.uk

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