New Offensive Against the MST

Tord Björk | Brazil,MST,Repression,Uncategorized | Sunday, March 29th, 2009

There is a growing offensive against the landless movement MST in Brazil. This is adressed by Plinio Arruda Sampaio in Folha de S. Paulo, March 16, 2009. He writes:

“Today, the MST is struggling against an intermittent type of attack: an attack sponsored by enemies visible and invisible.

The MST (Movement of Landless Rural Workers) is subject to two types of attack: the permanent and intermittent. The first type is directed daily by UDR (Democratic Rural Union) and the “rural bench”. The second form of attack happens from time to time. Today, the movement is struggling against this second type: a major offensive sponsored by enemies, visible and invisible. One of the visible enemies is the current President of the Supreme Court. Clearly going beyond his duties, the judge is instigating judicial measures to investigate alleged irregularities in the transfer of federal funds to entities linked to the MST. The prosecutor’s eagerness to attack the landless, while being accused of tolerating crime, caused an angry reaction from the Attorney General, the honorable Dr. Antonio Fernando de Souza.

Each offensive, as explained in military treatises, must have a clear central objective. The current ongoing offensive against the MST is to “clean” the land of a real organization, which can be a serious obstacle to the deployment of the new agricultural model adopted by the government, that is, the model of big agribusiness. The order, therefore, is to bury land reform.”

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