The Lilac Bloc

You see them everywhere now. At the MST 25th anniversary, the lilac scarves. Hanging around the neck of women or put in front of the mouth on pictures of activists with sharpened agricultural tools in their hands.

The development seems to have been quick. On the first photos of determined actvists on the way to occupy and even cut down eucalupty trees seen as a threat against a sustainable future the scarves are multicolor. But now in short time they are all lilac. Some with prints on them in black promoting Via Campesina, the global organisation for peasants. The lilac block which is quite different and better organised than the masked blocs in rich countries. A lilac block that carefully carries out both resistance and constructive actions building wider and wider solidarity between oppressed groups using direct actions.

The militant actions on Womens international day March 8 have strengthened the unity among rural women in Brazil struggling for common interests against domestic land owners but more and more mainly against transnational corporations.

Lats year actions took place in 17 different states. The largest was an action against Finnish-Swedish forest company Stora Enso. Here is how the action developed. It started early in the morning:

Female activist chopping eucalyptu at Stora Enso plantation

Around 900 women of the movements belonging to Via Campesina occupied the Tarumã Farm, 2,100 hectares big, in the municipality of Rosário do Sul, at about 400 km from the state capital Porto Alegre. They arrived at the area at about 6 am and started immediately to cut down eucalyptus trees and to plant native trees seedlings.

The Swedish Finnish company Stora Enso had illegally bought land close to the border in the hope that they later could influence the legislators and get the laws changed.

“Our action is legitimate. It is Stora Enso that is acting illegally. Planting this green desert in the border region is a crime against the legislation of our country, against the ‘pampa’ (type of grassland) biome and against the food sovereignty of our state that stays with every time less land to produce food crops. We are cutting what is bad and planting what is good for the environment and for the people of Rio Grande do Sul”.

900 female rural workers occupation declaration against Stora Enso

Planting for the future

Time for men to arrive with their boss, the head of the military police as you can see in the middle

The first import thing to do is to get rid of mass media.

Now the real action can start

Police aiming at female activist with a gun

Destroying the milk for the children

Arresting the women

Many hundred arrested women

How the police were beating the women

We are not afraid!

Paula Acampada expain why i is necessary to struggle against the corporations.

So watch out for the lilac bloc if you see the future only in corporate rule

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