Stuttgart 21 police violence and protest videos

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Police violence in the park 30.9

A collection of videos from the conflict concerning a new plan for railway and city construction in Stuttgart

23.4 Demo and background with pictures and english song:

Promotion video for the project:

27.4 Banana song against S21 at Monday demo

17.5 “Oben bleiben” (Stay above) rap live at Monday demo

The same Oben bleiben rap as music video:

12.6 Demo in Stuttgart against the crisis – and a police state

24.6 “Oben bleiben” (Stay above), Jazzvideo supporting the resistance

7.8 demo

13.8 Parkpropaganda video

13.8 protest song

13.8 evening demo

14.8 civil disobedience training and 20000 demo mixed with Die letze schlacht gewinnen wir (The last battle we will win)

17.8 “Wir sind das volk” protest and back ground

19.8 protests against demolishing parts of the railway station

20.8 30000 in silent Demo

20.8 Silent march documentation

20.8 music after silent demo

20.8 Unofficial demo inside the railway station


27.8 40000 demo under the rainbow

27.8 ARD on 50000 demo after 40 weeks of demonstrations every monday

7.9 Tree house evacuated by the police

30.9 Morning, police operation against tent city

30.9 escalation in the park

30.9 water cannons against protesters in the park

30.9 Full conflict, 200 wounded

30.9 Merkel, ARD and ZDF on the S21 protests ending with the reporter comment: It is unbelievable that the protests still are peaceful (after reporting on the massive polcie violence):

30.9 Evening photos with music “Horror in the park”

1.10 One tree down:

1.10 Stuttgart 21 demo trailer

1.10 rap on 30.9 protest and police behaviour

1.10 Tagesschau

1.10 100000 demo, “Find yourself another people” placard

1.10 The day after Stuttgarter Nachricten video with links to many more videos and artcles about the conflict (in German)

Wenn the state even use teargas against pupils, what will they use against us?

We were peaceful – what were you?

We are the people – the classical slogan in front of those in power in DDR, Eastern Germany 1989.

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