Climate Dialogue space in Cancun/COP16

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Call-out Invitation to participate in the open and independent Climate Dialogue space in Cancun/COP16

Jun 172010

From November 29 to December 10, 2010, the 16th U.N. Conference of the Parties (COP16) on Climate Change will be in Cancun, Mexico,. Many networks, organizations and movements in Mexico and Latin America, are organizing an open and inclusive, alternative and independent space, the “CLIMATE DIALOGUE”- a gathering of the voices of the peoples and the movements confronting the climate crisis; where we will holding conferences, workshops, seminars, panels, meetings, and a general exchange of experience, etc.. in addition to the demonstrations and marches. Mexican organizations will organize the physical space and logistics in Cancun along with the potential help of international organizations. We will get periodic update on the preperations of this space, which is for social movements, indigenous organizations, peasants, women, urban-groups, and for civil society in general, with a clear political stance: anti-capitalist, no political parties nor governments, no religious institutions or private companies, no to the carbon market, and no to false solutions to climate change (such as CDM or the REDD mechanisms.) While we have few political differences, the Climate Dialogue space is important to hear and honor other voices confronting the positions being negotiated between governments within the COP16 meeting.

Regardless of whether you can be physically in Cancun or not (you may consider organizing local events in your respective region or country), we are interested if you are willing to endorse and promote this call for an alternative and independent space to the official COP16 summit in Cancun. You can endorse at any organizational level; netowrks, organizations, and collectives. Groups that are willing to endorse, we are reqeusting that your group sends us the names of the networks and /or endorsing organizations, and if you are able and willing to participate in the organization and coordination work toward Cancun- name and email address of a point-person. The organizations will appear in alphabetical order. Those who can join, please send your information as soon as possible.

We are currently building a website and mailing list for articles and other information relating to the COP16 in Cancun, and all the necessary information on how to get involved and participate.

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