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Information about the persons signing the world wide support call:

Action Alert: Khimki Battle Solidarity 17-20 September

To all friends of forests and people worldwide!

Support Russian activists September 17-20

In a historically courageous struggle people in Russia have been able to halt the construction of a high way through the Khimki forest. While the forests were burning all over Russia the authorities started a wave of detaining, torturing and harassing people in movements defending the Khimki forest close to Moscow. They need our solidarity.

Se the whole call at:

More about the persons signing the call

Today it is much easier to follow what is going on in other countries even if you do not know the language. It is possible to get an impression of the organizations to whom the signatory belongs by looking at the websites below with the help of google translate. This is way you can also follow Russian web sites:

Badrul Alam, Bangladesh Krishok Federation

Is the leader of the peasant movement in Bangladesh with half a million members. Badrul Alam participated in the Climate justice protests at the COP15 in Copenhagen and have also earlier been active in the global justice movement protests at Summits. Bangladesh Krishok Federation is a member of Via Campesina international.

Patrick Bond, Centre for Civil Society Environmental Justice Project,
Durban, South Africa

Academician and activist, professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where he has directed the Centre for Civil Society since 2004. His research interests include political economy, environment, social policy, and geopolitics. Have been working for the South African government, authoring or editing more than a dozen policy papers. He has been active in several movements for social justice, against privatization, and for climate justice. He is in the board of several international journals and has written many articles and books as South Africa and Global Apartheid – Continental and international policies and politics,  Global uneven development, primitive accumulation and political-economic conflict in Africa: the return of the theory of imperialism, Post-imperialist north-south financial relations?, Against carbon trading as climate change mitigation, Ideology and strategies in the fight against multinational corporate water privatization, and Ideas and strategies in the alterglobalisation movements.

Mark Barrett, Climate Justice Action London

Is trained as a lawyer and now living in London. He has been campaigning on issues of civil liberties, human rights, ecology and democracy. Mark Barrett was inspired by taking part in the anti-APEC and anti-MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investments) nascent global justice movement. He organised the ‘People in Common’ picnic campaign, a direct action response to the clampdown on peaceful protest in Westminster which grow into the Campaign for a 21st Century Constitution. During the G20 protests in London Mark Barrett was a spokes person for the mobilizations. Following a conference on Human Rights to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Mark and colleagues formed a new network: Project 2012 is dedicated to building a rights based coalition for a new society in the UK and elsewhere. At the same time, as part of his work for the 21st Century Network, the Campaign for Real Democracy (CRD) was set up, aiming at developing a new political economy, and social action based on ‘real’ (as in ‘decentralised’, ‘bottom up’) democracy. The idea is that an independent civil society is the third superpower, which must now stand up as an equal alongside, and ultimately as the master of both state and capital; and that need a new political economy, based on a radical localism, is needed in order to make that a reality.

21st Century Network:

Climate Justice Action:

Mark Brown, Art Not Oil/Rising Tide, UK

Is making direct cultural actions promoting climate justice. Art Not Oil has aimed to encourage artists – and would-be artists – to create work that explores the damage that companies like BP and Shell are doing to the planet, and the role art can play in counteracting that damage. It is designed in part to paint a truer portrait of an oil company than the caring image manufactured by ‘cultural activities’ of the oil multinationals which also happen to divert public attention away from their actual activities. Art Not Oil is a project of the climate justice movement Rising Tide UK.

Carmen Buerba de Comite de Defensa Ecologica Michoacana, Mexico

Local environmental activists in the Michoachan region in Mexico, one of million local environmentalists around the world struggling in similar conflicts as Ecodefence is doing in Moscow.

Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South, Thailand

Nicola Bullard is a Senior Associate with Focus on the Global South and active in the Climate Justice Now! (CJN!) network. Focus on the Global South is based in Thailand and involved in issues as global economy, peace, democracy and building movement alliances. Climate Justice Now! network brings together international mass movements as Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth International and Jubilee South. Nicola Bullard joined Focus in February 1997. Before that, she worked in Cambodia, Thailand and Australia with human rights, development, and women’s organisations and with trade unions. She has also worked as an editor, journalist and publisher. Nicola studied international relations at the Institute for Social Studies in the Hague, and education, geography and urban sociology in Melbourne. She is Australian.

Focus on the Global South:

Climate Justice Now!:

Ellie Cijvat, Friends of the Earth Sweden

Chair of Friends of the Earth Sweden, active in numerous campaigns such as against monoculture in forestry and the Swedish-Finnish corporation Stora Enso exploitation of small farmer lands in Latin America, climate justice, transportation and at the moment in building alliances between environmental and peasant movements in Sweden.

Friends of the Earth Sweden/Miljöförbundet Jordens Vänner: http://

Joshua Kahn Russell, Ruckus Society, USA

Has been an activist in Rain Forest Action and at the moment in Ruckus society. He is working to bridge movements for environmental sanity and racial justice. He is a strategy and non-violent direct action trainer with the Ruckus Society, and serves communities impacted by fossil fuel extraction. He works internationally with the Climate Justice Now! network to bring justice to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and has been a leading voice in the International Youth Climate Movement. During the Climate Summit in Copenhagen he started the walk out by NGOs and some members of governmental delegations from the official conference during the Reclaim Power action. In early 2006, Josh was a core organizer in reviving, launching and building the “new” Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a national multi-issue youth & student led group, which grew rapidly to over 250 chapters and nearly 3,000 members nationwide. He graduated in 2006 with degrees in Women’s & Gender Studies and Sociology. At Brandeis he coordinated successful university-wide student strikes with the Brandeis Anti-war Coalition in March of 2003 to protest the invasion of Iraq, and again in May of 2006 on May Day in support of Immigrant Rights. Josh Kahn Russell is a member of Bay Rising Affinity Group, and works with Mobilization for Climate Justice West. He currently lives in Oakland, CA.

Ruckus society

Tom Kucharz, Ecologistas en Acción, Spain

Is an international activist and coordinator of ecological agriculture and food sovereignty in one of the most influential ecological movements in Europe. Ecologistas en Accion was one of the main forces in building the global justice movement in Europe by initiating and being part of large system-critical alliances opposing the neo-liberal agenda at the World Energy Summit 1992, The 50th anniversary of the Bretton Woods institutions IMF and the World Bank 1994 and the EU Summit 1995, all in Madrid. Tom Kucharz have recently been active in the campaign against a Europe of Capital and member of the organizing committee of People’s Summit Enlazando Alternativas IV, during the EU-Latin America Summit in Madrid this year.

Ecologistas en Acción:

Maduresh Kumar, National Alliance of People’s Movements, India

Have been working with CACIM – India Institute for Critical Action: Centre In Movement and recently joined the mass movement NAPM which was initiated by the Narmada movement. The Narmada movement to prevent the forced eviction of hundreds of thousands of  people due to the construction of dams turned mass civil disobedience into a main model for struggle in the global environmental movement in the end of the 1980s and is still today a key movement for another development in India and a symbol for resistance against the present development model world wide.

National Alliance of People’s Movements:

Marea Creciente Mexico

Rising Tide in Mexico, a Climate Justice direct action group at the moment involved in organizing protests during the COP16 Climate summit in Cancun.

Marea Creciente Mexico:

Adriana Matalonga, Miguel Valencia y Mauricio Villegas from Ecomunidades and Klimaforum10, Mexico

Local environmental activists in the Mexico city region struggling against motorways and other issues of environmental concern as the being against the neoliberal development model. Initiators of the Klimaforum10 process in Mexico towards the Climate Summit COP16 in Cancun late this year.


Tannie Nyböe, Climate Justice Action, Denmark

Spokes person for Climate Justice Action during the Climate Summit in Copenhagen December 2009. She is accused of charges including planning violence against police, systematic vandalism and serious disturbance of public peace and order. Some of these charges are drawn from the Danish terror package and the penalties are strengthened by the new Danish anti-protester laws introduced just prior to the COP15. The charges they face are unfounded, but can still potentially result in years in prison.
Tannie Nyböe was in the demonstration van during the Reclaim Power action coming from outside. At present facing trial in October in Copenhagen. Two other spokes persons for Climate Justice Action faced the same charges as and got their verdict late August. They were found not guilty on all charges. Tannie Nyböe is active in the Climate Collective, a key organization in the Climate Justice Action.

Climate Collective:

Uddhab Pyakurel, South Asian Dialogue on Ecological Democracy, India

Is an activist in the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam international network for comprehensive democracy being involved in the World Social Forum and the South Asian Dialogue on Ecological Democracy.

South Asian Dialogue on Ecological Democracy:

Josie Riffaud, Via Campesina, France

Is a flower growing peasant from the Bordeaux district in France. She has been representing Via Campesina internationally in the World Social Forum process and in the civil disobedience actions at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Via Campesina is a mass movement for small farmers with some 200 million members world wide and a strong force in uniting people’s movement for social and environmental justice and against repression. Josie Riffaud is a member of the national board of Confédération paysanne, a Via Campesina organisation in France.

Confédération paysanne:

Marko Ulvila, Friends of the Earth Finland

Green party politician and active in Friends of the Earth Finland. Active in numerous campaigns as against the Swedish-Finnish corporation Stora Enso exploitation in Latin America. Have been writing on sustainable consumption globally and the need to see the class dimension in the environmental struggle. Participated on behalf of Friends of the Earth Finland at the founding meeting of People’s Global Action against “Free Trade” and WTO in Geneva 1998 and is presently active on local issuesn, in the Degrowth movement and with Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Friends of the Earth Finland/Maan Ystävät:

Thomas Wallgren, Democracy Forum Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Finland

Social Democratic politician and head of the department of philosophy at the university of Helsinki. Veteran in the movement for international solidarity and environmental concerns. Democracy Forum Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a long term cooperation to strengthen the idea of comprehensive democracy on all fields of human life inspired by yearly exchange of activists between Finland and India since 1989 on development critique and democratization of society. Organized successful antirepression work in Helsinki during an EU-Asia Summit in 2006.

Demokratiafoorumi Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam:


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