Prague Spring II: Call to Action in Europe September 29

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Italian poster for the Manifestation on 29th of September


We call upon all social movements in Europe to unite against the crisis and participate in the international day of action on 29th of September initiated by the European Trade Union Confederation. Only together can we achieve the necessary solutions to the social and environmental crisis. We say yes to solutions creating jobs and serving common needs paid by stopping the rich from accumulating a larger and larger part of the wealth in society.

The whole world has been hit by a severe financial, economic, social and environmental crisis. Globally, the most severely hit region is Central and Eastern Europe. But all over Europe from Latvia to Iceland, Russia to Romania and Greece to Spain we can see social and environmental problems growing and we are sure that the worst of them are still to come. Today’s crises are  systemic ones driven by the neoliberal ideology that have sold out long-term investment, jobs, wages, the environment and the general well-being of the planet and its people for the benefit of a few.

The aggressive principles of financial capitalism are building up threats to democracy and peace.  Nationalisation of problems caused by the multiple crisis leads to divisions and hunt for scapegoats within the various societies, as well as to splits between North and South, East and West. We can see the advance of Right wing, populist and extremist forces as well as the state repression of progressive movements in many parts of the world.

The representatives of the social movements of Europe gathered in Istanbul between 1st and 4th July 2010 explored the effects of these crises on the lives of people. They came to the conclusion that the EU and the IMF with the complicity of the governments impose austerity and social regression policies, which cause serious social degradation and make people fall into poverty. The global crises are spilling over into our lives, threatening jobs, savings, pensions and public services and environmental protection everywhere!

To challenge these policies it is an urgent need to build an European-wide struggle which brings together social movements, workers, peasants, women, youth, environmental and others activists organized in associations, trade unions or networks of different kinds. Solutions can be found by simultaneously addressing the social and environmental needs. We should elaborate constructive programmes for a transition of our societies towards social and environmental justice, protecting and developing our commons.

We call upon all peoples’ movements in Europe to act against the crises and struggle for solutions that give jobs and make the rich pay. What we need is a massive mobilisation across all of Europe on the 29th of September 2010.

3rd September, 2010                                                    Prague Spring II Network

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