Lost in humidity for ever

Tord Björk | Travel,WSF | Monday, February 2nd, 2009

I tend to miss all important events at bigger gatherings. I missed to meet president Lula and more importantly I missed the greatinauguration party of the rubber tappers office in Para state, the CNS gathering with all the people I met 1991 like Julion Barbosa and Gatoa. But at the party was also a captain and head of CNS reserve across the river from WSF. So a gang of us went by ship and went and went into another world of dieselboats, canoes, houses on poles and small narrow  rivers ending at the captains village and his house. Here when we finally came inside the rain started to fall and fall, warm soft rain. There is only one thing to do, to join the rain and the river and all nature.

Thomas Wallgren from Helsinki goes first. The last things he was told before the trip by an Amazonas expert was that one should never swim in the Amazon.

This time I did not miss the most important things. I followed. If there are no more reports from us you will know were to find us.

Some more pictures from the tour we made to get lost in humdity

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