Schizofrenic qualities at WSF

Tord Björk | popular movements,WSF | Sunday, February 1st, 2009

There seems to develop two very different outcomes of WSF. On the one hand a consensus develops in climate justice and financial crisis issues by avoiding to come to a common position on what one are against. Instead unity should be created by focusing on a common alternative. In the case of the financial crisis by promoting a new solidary and sustainaible economy, in the case of climate crisis by avoiding the issue of being for or against shutting down the Climate summit and rather focus upon issues that unites including the criticism of the latest Climate COP.

In general one could guess that here the wekaness and strength of the WSF political culture shows itself, the tendencies to dilute clear politics by avoiding confrontational issues and replacing them with discussion on alternatives or being clever in raising more radical concerns against a specific international negotiation but also stopping a more clear set of demands.

On the other hand the assemblies tomorrow might end with an appeal on Womes Day 8 of March, Peasant day 17 of April, Workers Day 1of May and on the request of indigenous peoples also 12th of October when Columbus arrived to Americas or invaded Abya Ayla said with other words. Turn all this days into days of struggle. Not anymore “paseatas”, the lively nice carnivals which nor demonstrations are turned into in many parts of the world following the Brazilian example. Instead occupation and direct action. Here in Brasil 8th of March will be turned into womens workers struggle day and then it will continue with action all year long. At least if Latin American movements get there will through.

So on the one hand consensus processes to focus upon alternatives instead of struggles or to avoid too radical statements regarding content. On the other hand radical in form.

How these two political cultures will be able to come to conclusions and most interesting how they might come in conflict and create passiveness and uncertainty or the opposite create constructive schizofrenic strategies ahead, that we will see tommorow.

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