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Tord Björk | WSF | Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I have been participating in three seminars on the achievements and the future of WSF. A detailed report from one of the discussions on the future of social forums, e.g.:

“Walden Bello: generally positive
1. come together to affirm community
2. site for planning resistance to neoliberalism
3. space for planning alternatives to neoliberal globalization

Could have been a more effective force in intervention in global issues, could have taken more political position on war in Iraq, middle east, Palestine, climate change. Missed opportunities to be more effect(ive).”

My own very critical remarks stating that WSF is not unique, and that it split the antineoliberal movement by excluding the zapatistas met different kind of reactions. Francine Mestrum in the panel said that there were figures indicating that the number of international partcipants were 10 000 out of 100 000 in total. I stated that there were 32 000 international participants at the World Students and Youth festival 1957 in Moscow and 8 million Soviet union participants and what followed afterwards was the most succesful decade in the struggle for stopping growing inequality during the whole last century as well as the starting point for an open dissident movement in the USSR. There were people agreeing with some of my remarks and wanting more information while other have been given the tip that I should not be as critical although they agree while some other gets very suspiscious. See the detailed report for your own judgement on different opnions about WSF.

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