ESF-6: Declaration for the solution of Kurdish problem

Tord Björk | ESF,Repression,Uncategorized | Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Presented at the Assembly of social movements

Kurdish women protesting repression during ESF

An initiative should be formed as soon as possible by people working in the European Social Forum which will initiate the process of democratic and peaceful solutions to the Kurdish problem.

For the permanent solution of Kurdish problem, military and political operations should be stopped urgently,  the children and politicians whose number is around 2000 that have been imprisoned in the 14th April operations should be released as soon as possible.

The political leader of Kurds Mr Abdullah Öcalan should be included in the process of peace as addressee of the solution and in order to play his historical role, instead of being in solitary confinement in  İmrali, he should be under house arrest in an appropriate house.

A strong commission that consists of well-known women activists should be formed so as to contribute to active participation to the campaign of “Raise the freedom struggle and destroy the rape culture” that has been initiated by Kurdish Women Freedom Movement.

Within the slogan of “No to the 12th September Constitution”, a pluralist, libertarian, fair and equal constitution which will represent and enable  to all groups, minorities and peoples to express themselves freely must be formed.

A number of democratic, deterrent and affective actions must be planned and a local and international mixed commission must be formed against ecological and cultural genocide which is exposed against Kurdistan and all humanity.

The YİBO schools which are cultural and language assimilation tools and used to expose to be spies of states against the Kurdish children must be accepted as a humanity crime and and closed if possible, if not the initiatives in the national and international platforms should be formed for the discovery of the events.

ESF should form  a delegate of alive shields which consists of well-known Turkish intellectuals and writers, BDP MPs and mayors and this delegate should work in the Kurdish region in  order to prevent the lossed of lives in Kurdistan and Turkey

The execution policy of Iran  against the Kurdish women and all the other dynamic, democratic and peaceful  groups who are in favour of the change, should be condemned severely, and a call should be done that the executions are the crime of humanity and should be removed from the Iran constitution.

A commission for the investigation of the facts which consists of intellectuals, artists, NGOs and scientist should be formed and this commission should investigate the facts of the war that have been carried out in Kurdistan for 26 years and share it with the public.

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