ESF-6: Rise up! Another answer to the crisis is possible: Public Education

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Assembly  Education
6th ESF Istanbul, 3rd  July 2010

Student activists from Istanbul at seminar during ESF

We, people of the public education, gathered in Istanbul for the sixth European Social Forum call for a period of mobilization next autumn

We want to use  the 29th  of September, a day of demonstration and trade union actions across every country of Europe and the surrounding dates ,to extend the mobilization and  to act together in Europe on our platform.

During this period, from the end of September to the beginning October,
we call for mobilizations,  strikes, demonstrations and actions all around Europe to reaffirm the right to free public education for everybody and to defend and increase  workers rights on the basis of the platform below.

We will  continue supporting, during the following two years, national demonstrations and counter summit against the European education ministers summits, as we did last May in Madrid.

We will organize  meetings in several european cities in order to involve more and more people,  in order to share our experiences and connect our struggles against neoliberal policies, we will actively approach students and workers organizations involved in the education struggles to participate in these meetings ;we will therefore issue a call for participating in the next meeting of education.

The crisis must be paid by those who caused it !

Our governments are using the crisis  to cancel all the workers rights obtained  by the movements in the last 100 years and to decrease salaries and pensions.
They are using the diktat of IMF and EU to approve  anti crisis measures paid only by workers (like in Greece , in Italy, Portugal, Spain ,France…) one of the solutions is to tax speculators. They have to pay the crisis!

Stop cuts of public spending in education, stop reduction of the curricula and  cuts to school time,  classes and subjects, stop privatization and  co modification of education systems:
we struggle for more investments in public education , for free education and research;
we struggle  to stop the casualization of  school workers in order to provide a better quality of education for everybody.

Stop the introduction of  evaluation tests based on skills determined by the market, stop teaching for competences oriented by the market:
we struggle for the right to free, secular, quality education , for the right to critical thinking, for the right, for every human being to have a full access to knowledge, and to become an aware and active citizen , to have equal rights for genders and not to have a patriarchal perspective of education.
We struggle for the right to education in one’s own tongue.

We support the Word Education Forum , in Santiago de Compostella from 10th to 13th December together with the WSF in Dakar and we’ll support the  World Education Forum in Palestine,  from 28th to 31st  October and we will work in order to organize there activities together with our Palestinian friends.

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