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Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Friends of the Earth covers the World Social Forum with Real World Radio. At their website you can find news about WSF in spanish and english. There are both texts and podcast radio. Real World Radio:

Friends of the Earth blog from WSF is not only this FoE Sweden blog but also Ian Illuminati from FoE US:

In Swedish you will also find a good blog on both MST 25 year anniversary and WSF by Brazilian veteran Lennart Kjörling Blogging from WSF has not yet started but you find material about MST and a longer precovering article on WSF at

Below you find some other links to news coverage of WSF posted from official email:

Get informed

The World Social Forum is a space for communication and interchange.
Thousands of journalists from all over the world will cover the World
Social Forum, producing video, pictures and news articles about the
other possible world.

Five shared communication projects will work inside the FACOM
(Communication Faculty) in UFPA (Federal University of Para): Radio
Forum, TV and Video Forum, Free Knowledge Lab, Ciranda and Belem
Expanded. Any journalist, free media people

A communication and press room will host and provide some infrastructure
for journalists and media people work. This space will be hosted at UFPA

Some media projects will provide special coverage on the World Social Forum:

– Adital notícias – – news in portuguese

– Networked Journalists – – news, photos and
short infos

– Ciranda – – news articles and

– Flame D’Afrique – – News in french

– FSM info blog – – clipping
of blogs and other digital sources

– Foro de Radios – – radio news

– IPS terraviva – – news,
photos and videos in English, Spanish and Portuguese

– WSF TV – – video website for the World Social For

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