Friends of the Earth at WSF

Tord Björk | Friends of the Earth,monoculture,WSF | Thursday, January 29th, 2009

The plantation meeting is more than overcrowded. You can feel a sense of urgency in the air. The climate negotiations view on the future of forests on earth is cut into pieces. Trees are seen only as carbon. The representative from indigenous people is especially critical.

Friends of the Earth participates strongly in the meeting as speakers and participants. Here are at least FoE from Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Finland, Sweden and Uruguay. Friends of the Earth is putting effort into three themes in Belem, that is monoculture plantation, climate justice and food sovereignity. Friends of the Earth Sweden is also interested in the development of cooperation among popular movements and strategies for ecological and social solutions on the multidimensional crisis.

Friends of the Earth groups meet at WSF to discuss plantations.

Friends of the Earth International is not putting much effort from the central level in WSF Belem. No central funds were made available for FoEI participation so the 30 or so Friends of the Earth people who are in Belem are paid by their national organisation or campaign resources. FoEI representative in the WSF process, Hildebrando Veles, are here.

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