MST 25 years

Tord Björk | MST,Travel | Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Main hall at MST celebrations in Sarandi

Exhausted after a week of celebration of MST 25th anniversary in both Sarandi in Rio Grande do Sul and in the Southern parts of Para state I am full of impressions. But as World Social Forum have started a report about these two events have to wait. The one in Sarandi with some 2 000 participants and 40 international guests focused on one spot taking place in the heartland of MST with lots of cooperatives, former occupied land that is now settlements, schools and memory monuments of the battle. The one in Southern Para with some 200 participants in the form of Social Forum Carajas which rather was a Social Forum caravan travelling day and night to different places of “projects of capitalism” and “projects of the people”.

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