On the 65th Anniversary of the Victory against Fascism in the WWII

Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Joint Declaration of

The Prague Spring II – network against Right-Wing Extremism
in the European Social Forum process

on the 65th Anniversary of the Victory against Fascism in the WWII

Prague, 8th of May 2010

The Prague spring II conference

The international community is celebrating the 65th anniversary of the historic victory in the WWII. The allied forces of USSR, US and UK was victorious against Fascism 1945. This cost millions of lives, especially in Eastern Europe, where the main mass murder operations and battles unfolded. We remember these battles and we mourn all innocent victims. The victory in May 1945 was a military victory over Nazi-Germany and its allies, not a victory over fascism as a whole – unfortunately. We have still to fight for real and sustainable victory over fascism.

We now see a new rise of the extreme right and a need for alternatives solving the social and ecological crisis.

To enable us to do this it is necessary to acknowledge the differences in European history and put it in a social and ecological global context. In all parts of Europe history today is under threat of becoming an instrument for governments proclaiming versions of history of interest to the present regime. To enable us to constructively respond to the social and ecological crisis it is necessary to promote an understanding of Europe that oppose both simplistic nationalistic right wing extremism as well as the governmental nationalistic interpretations of history in different parts of Europe.

Europe has been the base for both capitalist and anti-capitalist Western development models. By economic, political and military means they have been conquering the minds of people willingly or by force causing great social and ecological consequences. The colonialization of the world putting much of the world under direct control of European nations brought material prosperity to some but caused also mass murder, enslavement, social inequalities and ecological damage. Today this dominance is continued more by economic means by the power of transnational corporations often based in the Western world creating growing social inequalities within and between nations and a global environmental crisis with art extinction, food crisis and climate change.

In the time of this crisis of the present development model, ugly heads of fascism, hatred, racism and xenophobia rise again, and are again supported by those who see in fascism their last resort in keeping control over broad masses of people. In our meeting in Prague in March, 2010, after having analyzed the resembling neo-fascist and racist tendencies in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, we agreed to coordinate our efforts in stopping them.

We also appeal, in a wake of the upcoming meeting of the European Social Forum in Istanbul in July 2010, to individuals, organizations and movements to join efforts and build a strong alternative to neo-liberal and neo-fascist tendencies in all of Europe and the world.

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