Paper, Ethanol and Social Struggles

Tord Björk | monoculture,MST,Repression | Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil, Uruguay and across the border in Argentina is the area in the world with most Eucalyptus plantations for cellulosa production and agrofuel. This monoculture produces severe damage to the environment and causes social and political problems. The transnational companies that buys land to grow eucalyptus comes in conflict with landless peasants that needs land to grow food. The political system also gets fuelled by the companies who give politicians money to support them in elections. Than laws and other governmental actions in the interest of the transnational companies occurs as when 800 female farmers were arrested on the 8 of March 2008 when occupying land illegally planted by Stora Enso.

Friends of the Earth have exhibition about Eycalyptus, Paper and the social struggle which you find here:

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