In memoriam: ESF delegates Stas and Nastya

Tord Björk | ESF,popular movements,Repression | Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

The sad news from Moscow about the murder of Stanislaw Markelow and Anastasia Baburova directly after they came out from a press conference against the growing fascism in Russia have reminded us all about the hard European times we live in. The murderers were out to kill Stansilaw but killed Anastasya as well, an anarchist and anti-fascist activist that struggled as well as Stanislaw for the interests of Chechenyans.

The two Russian activists participated at the European Social Forum in Malmoe and contributed to the important efforts to make ESF truly All-European by bringing up the Caucasian questions and the threat coming from fascism and racists right wing forces.

The memory of Anastasia Baburova you find here:

Below you also find a personal necrology for Stas.

My favorite social-democrat

I try to remember joke about independent Belarussian cuckoo Stas told me
in the new year party 2001 or 2002 in Rainbow Keepers commune of
Kasimov, but I do not remember. I never remember any jokes, Stas could
recite countless of them.

Stas was a social-democrat, a rare species in Russia. I hate
social-democracy, but I loved Stas, just like everyone else. And no
matter the difference in opinions, Stas was always there to crash
anarchist parties.

Just a month ago I came across a photo of our train trip from court of
Pasha Delidon to Moscow 1st of June 2007. I seldom made photos, but from
that trip I had a funny photo of Stas, ready to cut sausage in train,
with a crazy smile, looking like a mad serial killer with knife. I
decided that this was the photo I would like to show my friends in case
Stas was murdered one day.

Everyone has a story of Stas, many of them. I was not in the European
social forum in Malmö, but I laughed so much when I was told how Stas

There was some banquet at city mayor’s office for the moderate end of
the forum participators. Stas was of course there in his fine suit – VIP
guests and free booze was definitely a choice for Russia’s number one
celebrity human rights advocate. Stas saw that a demonstration passed by
the office, and friends of Stas in demonstration could see him waving
hand from the mayor’s office.

After a while, enough of free booze and Stas decided he would like to
see some action. He went to catch the demo, but riot had already
started. With some other Russians, Stas tried to exit by a side street
closed by riot police. Stas was already piss drunk and did not quite
figured out that coppers were not on a talking mood. So Stas went to
Sweden to get beaten up by Swedish riot cops, as if there were not any
nasty riot cops more closer to his home in Moscow!

So many stories of Stas, who could gather all of them?


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