The way the Danish left assess Copenhagen

Socialist People’s Party SF balloon competing with Greenpeace snowman for attention at the December 12 climate march. Photo: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

How is then the left discussing what happened during the summit? The Social democrats keeps totally quiet as if their full support of the police is sufficient. This can be compared to the Social democrats in Sweden who after the riots at the EU Summit in Gothenburg 2001 initiated an official inquiry chaired by a former Social democratic prime minister and a former chair of the conservative party concluding with both strong criticism of the police and a call for an understanding of new horizontal forms for organizing protests in contemporary society.

The Socialist People’s Party adds an endless amount of new policy proposals to their list of branding themselves as clamping down on disorder and violence, in early January by proposing that it should become forbidden to visit terrorist related web site. Down loading material from these sites should be regarded the same way as child pornography. A proposal applauded by the Danish People’s Party but about nobody else to the right or left in Danish politics. The Socialist People´s Party is together with the Danish People´s Party the winner in Danish politics. In the municipal elections in November last year they gained 7,7 percentage at the cost of Social democrats and the social liberals but also to some degree of the Red Green Alliance.

Tord Björk


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