COP15 Reclaim power videos

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Some links to videos about the Reclaim power action at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen december 16 2009. There were four blocs. The blue bloc starting at Tårnby station with a permit to march to the outside of the Bella Center area, The Green bloc that gathered at Örestad station, The bike bloc that should b moveable but got their bikes taken by the police and got mny arrested and the yellow bloc, people with badges ión the inside of the Bella center. You find more about the Reclaim Power action here:

Reclaim Power, that talk, that “riot”, that action, the consequences
full article with embedded vids found at (including the recalim power prediscussion at Christiania December 14)

Indymedia on the march and the push

Reclaim power

Part 03 – Reclaim Power, Bella Centre Copenhagen Wednesday 16th December – COP15 – A lot of interviews during the push, the People’s Assembly and the march back to the city centre:

Photo / CC BY-NC 2.0

Police pepper spraying the demo:

Resisting the police en masse

The push

The push and violence:

COP15: Reclaim Power March 12.16.09 Police Charge The Demonstration to Seize the Sound Truck

Democracy now! At Tårnby towards the push at Bella center

COP-15: Undercovers snatch a man at Reclaim Power demo (16 Dec)

The Green bloc at Örestad:

The Green bloc gets arrested

GrazwuzelTV: The Green bloc, the blue bloc, the ”raft bloc” and the Peoples assembly

Reclaim power from the inside meets the police
Peoples Assembly and chanting at Tårnby

Photos: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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