Attac Denmark supports the principles behind the Reclaim power action December 16


Danish Attac follows suits with many movements in the South and actvists groups in Denmark and now supports the Reclaim Power mass action at the Bella Center December 16. In a press release on its web page Attac states that it can support the demonstration and its purpose. Continuing by stating “We wish a peaceful demonstration and expect that the demonstrators – as it has been formulated by CJA – acts without violence. We hope that the official representatives at the Climate Summit will use the opportunity to exchange views and will listen to the views of the grass roots and their reports on how the human made climate changes already have impoverished the living conditions of e.g. poor peasants in the South.”


This is a break through in the Danish political culture were so far no organisation except for groups with activists with very little formal organisation have supported the action. For a long time Danish organisations have stated that it would be impossible to make any kind of civil disobedience demonstration towards the Bella Center and push oneslef into the conference area and there make a political statement. Any attempt at using civil disobedience in connection with a parliament or UN building would go totally against what is acceptable in Denamrk. But this position has been proven empirically wrong as shown in The Heat Is On nr 4.


At the EU Summit 2002 a demonstration to the Bella Center ended with people trying to push their way through the police lines with some success. Once inside the area protected by the police the action stopped and it was proclaimed that a political point was made by entering the area and a statement was made. No escalation of violence took place.


Now some Danish observers claim that times are different. But the same right wing parties were in the government also then. The risk is high for the government if a strong attack by the police is allowed against the legitimate demands for unheard voices to be heard when also many on the inside are willing to participate. It is true that the police have behaved a lot less interested in dialoguethis time which they were in 2002, but in the final end the political interest of Denmark also have a heavy weight.


To further alienate the South is at this moment a very stupid thing to do. That the new law package against climate demonstrators allows for the most extreme actions and punishment of peaceful civil disobedience far worse than in most poor countries on earth will if it is executed rather show that Denmark in the first place never was the right place to have a democratic Climate summit. May Attac Denmrk be followed by many other organizations and people and we can be witnesses to that it is only something rotten in the state of Denamrk but not in the people of Denmark.

Tord Björk

The Danish-Swedish EU scandal destroys the trust in COP15

Tord Björk | Climate,political culture,Propaganda,Summits | Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The EU country Denmark has been exposed at the beginning of COP15 to use the UN Conference for its own benefits. Instead of being the neutral facilitator of a process they have chosen to destroy the trust in UN. They have given rich and the new industrialized countries a privileged access to the process making their own Copenhagen accord in advance to strengteh the position of the already strong in the negotiations. This means that the only democratic tool for impoverished as well as small nations to have a say in global politics have been undemocratically wiped away by a small country. This shows an eagerness to gain profit by only letting rich and influential countries to have a say in the secret preparatory negotiations going on in the corridors of power outside the formal democratic procedure. Once Denmark was a strong supporter of the UN and acted together with other Nordic countries in favour of poor countries and strengthening the role of small nations. Now this is history and Denmark is aggressively using its power to support the rich and the act against the poor and small.



Profits from serving the interests of the US


Denmark have specialised in this behaviour in the oil war against Iraq. Siding with the US Bush government more than any other country Danish corporations could gain profits from the war. Especially the Maersk shipping company that alone emits more green house gases than the whole of Denmark makes huge profits on shipping arms to Iraq. The Danish right-wing minister Fogh Rasmussen made a career in promoting the war by stating that it was a fact that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. His foreign minister said the same 34 times, only once he said eventually. When it became clear that it was a lie and no weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq he forgot completly about the 34 times and stated that he always had said eventually had weapons of mass destruction. So Danish ministers are experts in lying to us saying what is opportunistic for the moment and then claim that they never have said what they said yesterday when the situation changes. Furthermore they make populistic decisions to please the US. Fogh Rasmussen decided to double the number of Danish soldiers fighting in other countries side by side with the US. The only problem was that he at the same time decided to give no more money to the military. This caused a severe break down today recognized in official reports of the Danish defence as it was impossible to relocate resources quickly without harming the whole Danish defence organisation the way the prime minister and the US wanted. So with the merits of lying about the reasons for the Iraq war and a defence turned upside down Figh Rasmussen had the merits to become head of NATO.


Sweden’s EU-presidency used against the interests of the South

Sweden also have a right-wing government acting the same way as the right-wing Danish government. In the case of Sweden it is equally misusing a key position. Under the Swedish EU-presidency the primeminister Reinfeldt have chosen to neglect the possibilities to have informal meetings to see to that  all countries including the poor and small are listened to. Instead Sweden have seen to that EU follows suit with Denamrk and only listen to the G20 countries sharply in contrast with earlier Swedish foreign policy and against the official EU rhetoric. Behind the scenes are the two formally key EU countries  in the COP15 process using their power to destroy what was left of the trust among impoverished countries that EU or the once progressive Nordic countries would take their considerations into account.




50 years of solidarity and environmental concern destroyed in one blow


This is tragic and signals a new period in world politics. 50 years ago in 1959 Sweden was the first Western country to oppose Western imperialism and refused to support the French view on the war in Algeria. Ten years later Sweden initiated the first UN Conference on environment held in Stockholm 1972. Denmark followed suit and supported in many cases also the South and started ambitious environmental prorgammes. Now in one blow Denmark and Sweden jointly destroys 50 years of good reputition in North-South and environmental issues. At the same time they show that they no longer believe in the idea of the UN as defender of smallnations in world politics but sees a future only as servants of the interests of the powerful nations. Jointly they thus have destroyed what trust there was in EU as a progessive part  in the negotiations thus beginning the Copenhagen Summit with a Danish-Swedish EU scandal against a fruitful COP15.




Tord Björk, Friends of the Earth Sweden


See also protest letter below:

Danish Government Slammed for Bias and Secrecy in Role As President of UN Climate Conference

Tord Björk | Climate,political culture,Propaganda,Summits | Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

7 12 2009

COPENHAGEN – As climate negotiations open in Copenhagen, civil society organizations around the world issued the following statement strongly criticizing the Danish government for acting in a biased, manipulative and nontransparent manner in its role as President of the Conference of the Parties:


We, the undersigned civil society groups, express our concern over the actions of the Danish government in its role as President of the UNFCCC Conference of Parties.

The historic Copenhagen Climate Conference has yet to begin and a lengthening list of concerns is being raised by governments and by members of civil society:

We criticize the undemocratic practices adopted by the Danish Prime Minister of convening small and exclusive groups of countries before the Copenhagen meeting, excluding the vast majority of countries whose futures are at stake in the negotiations.

We criticize the Danish Prime Minister’s decision to produce draft “Copenhagen Accords” before the meeting has even started. These have been circulated to a select few governments, excluding others. They have been produced in spite of on-going negotiations under the UNFCCC and prejudge the outcome of good-faith negotiations among all Parties.

We further criticize the texts on the basis that they systematically ignore the demands of developing countries and overwhelmingly reflect the position of Denmark and other developed countries on key issues. They seek to shift the burden of addressing climate change from those who caused it to those who suffer its worst effects.

We criticize the Danish Prime Minister’s consistent disregard for the concerns of developing countries by downgrading expectations for Copenhagen to a “political agreement” and by falsely stating that the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012.[1]

These actions are inconsistent with the duty of the Danish Government in its neutral role as President of the Conference of Parties. They are an attack on the democratic processes of UN negotiations. And they are an affront to the interest of small and poor countries in the negotiations.

Further actions of this kind threaten the trust that is the very foundation of a fair and effective deal in Copenhagen. They undermine the capacity of the Danish Government to play a constructive role in the negotiations. Left unchecked, they threaten a Copenhagen collapse.

Copenhagen must mark an historic turning point. Parties have placed their trust in Denmark’s good reputation as a fair and impartial player. We therefore call for:

The COP President to serve in an even-handed and unbiased manner;
A fair, open and transparent process; and
The full participation of all countries in an inclusive manner.

The imperative in Copenhagen is not to seal a deal at any costs – but to provide the opportunity for the nations of the world to work together to secure one that is fair and effective.

We call on Denmark to support such a process. The world is watching.

Signatory Organizations:
ActionAid, India
Asia Indigenous Women’s Network
Centre for Civil Society Environmental Justice Project, South Africa
Center for Encluntes and Active Non-Violence, Austria
Concerned Citizens Against Climate Change
ETC Group
Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal
Friends of the Earth International
Friends of Siberian Forest, Russia
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Phillipines
Global Forest Coalition
Indigenous Environmental Network, North America
International Forum on Globalization, USA
International Rivers, USA
National Forum for Advocacy, Nepal
National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers, India
Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana A.C., Mexico
Rainforest Foundation UK, United Kingdom
Rainforest Action Network, USA
Red Mexicana de Accion frente al Libre Comercio (RMALC), Mexico
Red Mexicana de Afectados por la Mineria (REMA), Mexico
Society for New Initiatives and Activities, Italy
Tibet Justice Center, USA
Third World Network
Union de Grupos Ambientalistas, Mexico
Pan African Climate Justice Alliance
World Development Movement, UK

The Heat Is On, nr 4 Copenhagen process update Dec06

Tord Björk | Environmental movements,International action,Uncategorized | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The Heat Is On, nr 4 Copenhagen process update Dec06


1.   Four mass activities can create the most dynamic summit ever

2.   Time to comment!: System Change – Not Climate Change – Klimaforum declaration.

3.   Call for celebration, funeral and alternatives December 6

4.   Demonstrations

4a.  December 12: speakers, backing from 462 organisations, and a System Change not Climate Change bloc!
4b.  5 000 in anti WTO demonstration in Geneva November 28
4c.  40 000 in Stop the Climate Chaos demonstration in London December 5

5.   The Danish letter that saved us from a split

6.   New call-out for Reclaim Power December 16

7.   The new media-hype: The Never trust a COP

8.   A dynamic Via Campesina in the key position

9.   Friends of the Earth European Climate campaign meeting

10.  Students revolt in Austria and the linkage to Climate change

11.  Repression

11a. Police tactics at COP15
11b. Unsuccessful protest demonstration in Denmark
11c. Police in proactive operation hand-cuffing activists on false grounds


Conflicts between dualistic and consensus political cultures among actors initiating mass actions in Copenhagen have been sharp. But important steps have now been taken in Denmark towards more fruitful relations. Meanwhile the confrontations in the official process gets more and more sharp. The prime minister in Denmark sounds like a new Bob minister in Bagdad repeating his sound bite there will be a legally binding agreement. None else seems to care. But the last days a new tone is there. An non-binding agreement that is far from the historical binding agreement once stated as the only possible outcome is now promoted by main actors as governments in rich countries, UN general secretary and some new industrialised countries. A non-binding agreement against the interest of impoverished countries and far from solving the climate crisis even possibly bringing us on a wrong course. The Danish minister of Climate is enthusiastic about the decision by the US president to attend COP15 at the final negotiations in his attempt at steam rolling any hope for the binding agreement that once the Danish minister of climate claimed was the only option. In the world of spin doctors things move fast. You can follow the official game in many newspapers.

Lets take one of many out of the box, Berlingske, a leading conservative Danish daily: Rhetorically acknowledge the gravity of the issue and maximum 2 degrees increase in temperature, long term goals for reducing emissions globally by half until 2050 including funds for the South and almost no goals for the coming decade, rather 5 percent decrease instead of the 20 to 40 percent which UN scientists at least have been aiming at. No immediate specific targets for countries, no sanctions for not following an agreement, no specific resources for Southern countries. The last point one could add that it would be in accordance with media spin and oppressive negotiations to give some money to some Southern countries in the last minute that are far from close to what is needed, just to be able to state there was a climate justice component in the deal.

In this number 4 of The Heat Is On you will instead of the official power relations reporting get inside updates on the dynamics of the mass actions, the development of the relationships between different movements and political parties in Denmark and internationally. Both concerning political content, the cultural spirit, repression and other aspects of interest for popular movements. There will also be some travel reports and impressions from Copenhagen just before the COP starts.

For the official messages from mass activities and main actors you can find an updated overview with links and including map information on:

For the best inside information, the best is always to get involved.

Tord Björk

The new media-hype: The Never trust a COP

Tord Björk | Action,media,political culture,Propaganda,Summits | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The new media-hype: The Never trust a COP

For many months there has been a media hype about violence and the Reclaim power action on December 16 organized by Climate Justice Action. A week ago the focus suddenly shifted towards Never trust the COP instead and December 12.

How to respond to this media hype about the possibility of activists using the occasion including being part of demonstrations or mass action and then break out them them to make property damage often impossible to see the political message in for people in common? At the demonstration in Geneva against WTO this kind of tactics causing criticism also from Southern WTO opponents.

The international idea to abstain from commenting other tactics have been the rule so far and has many advantages. But this does not work well in Scandinavian political culture. Diversity of tactics may well work, but only up to a certain level. Furthermore you are supposed to trust those you cooperate with. If they do things completely outside the consensus feeling of what is acceptable also among most system critical groups, than there is a problem.

An example of the media discussions the last days you find below from November 25 from Information, a national daily. I have translated it badly with the help of google and made some adjustments to show how messaging might look like in Copenhagen.

I am quoted extensively in the last part of the article. Here I go against the role of not commenting other groups. Firstly I do comment on other tactics. I also address the issue of violence specifically to the COP context.

I guess one can handle this in different ways and have nothing against that other voices abstain from commenting the tactics of others. But if everyone abstains we will get political anorexia of the kind you can read in the first part of the article, a lot of people saying nothing or being alarmists.

I am quoted as starting with “The problem is that the system is violent, as we see when biofuels is stealing land from poor peasants or the oil war in Iraq,” The key point I make when criticising Never trust a COP is “And when the large NGOs are not criticizing the system, but rather trying to brand themselves they thus are reminding of the young people who criticize the system well enough, but doing riots in a way that is more about identity politics than to create change,”

This is a double critique of different tactics often presented as totally opposite to each other but here claimed to be two sides of the same coin. In this way the issue of violence is brought back partly to the system and to those that legitimize this system to continue violent practices as biofuels.

The article ends by: But Tord Björk is not afraid that the message must be drowning in smashed windows. “Why the tendency to paranoia? If not the media blows it up, this is just some small groups who may become violent in confrontations with police. But the widespread violence comes out of the results of the political decisions that do not seem to bring us out of the fossil fuel era.”

A first illustrated blog post on this subject from October you find here:

December 16 more non-violent than December 12?

Enclosed below: The article from Information on Never trust a COP.

From Information, a Danish daily

To force capitalism to its knees

By: Lars Borking
25. November 2009 | History

The autonom network Never Trust a Cop will give capitalism a deathblow, but is so secret that the people behind will not explain how to succeed by breaking some windows in the inner city.

‘Everyone talks about the climate. We do not, “reads the text on the poster from the German part of the network Never Trust A Cop. Black bloc mobilizes to smash windows in Copenhagen to curb climate change – and smash capitalism.

illustration from

The same day as the great popular demonstration for an ambitious climate agreement will gather 40,000 people in Copenhagen a small autonom group are planning smashing some windows in the inner city. The Network Never Trust A Cop (NTAC) has plastered Nørrebro in Copenhagen, with posters, showing both a burning city hall and some stone-throwing autonomous with the text: ‘Capitalism falters – let’s make sure it falls. ”

Despite the ambitions that fails nothing, so has the network isolated itself from all others and no one will speak to the press. Either believe the people behind NTAC that they alone can topple the empire, or they have chosen radio silence, because it must be obvious to others, how some smashed windows and burning containers must help stop climate change.

“If you fail to make politics and not defend your methods, you can never get far. It is the movement’s dead end,” says René Karpantschof, a researcher in the protest movements at the University of Copenhagen, who himslef has a past as a squatter.

He has as researcher explained how violent forms of action may well provide policy outcomes, provided that simultaneously broad alliances are created and public support. But such matters have Never Trust A Cop in no hurry. On their website they make it clear: ‘We refuse to equate us with treacherous NGOs and all those self-styled’ protest leaders’, we reject all governments and all leadership.

Unknown revolutionary

Neither the unions nor among environmental organizations, one senses, who ‘Never Trust A Cop’ is and the few who do will not say a word.

“If you quote me the least, I will never talk to you or Information again,” threateningly states an activist from a peripheral Swedish environmental group that sympathizes with the political message: that capitalism is the problem and the climate summit just gives a little green varnish. The activist must otherwise go to Copenhagen to make presentations on the context, and although Information has received some fine quotes, the newspaper does not dare take the risk of losing an important source. Thus, it is not only NTAC that marginalize themselves – they also get help from people who are sympathetic towards their message.

In Climate Movement in Denmark there is complete confusion. Spokesman Thomas Meinert Larsen explains to Information:

“Just at our meeting yesterday we discussed who they are, and there was one who said that perhaps it was. what is it now, they are called, those who lived in Italy during the 2nd World War II? ”

– Fascists, the man from Informations asks skeptically.

“Yes, exactly. But if so, of course, they differ greatly from the Danish extreme left, “says Thomas Meinert Larsen doubtful.

12. december

At Greenpeace, you are annoyed that NTAC is planning to make trouble.

“Our biggest concern is that the focus seems to be about burning houses instead of whether Obama will ensure a strong climate treaty. It will harm the climate debate and entertain people with the wrong impression, “says Henrik Pedersen, campaign manager at Greenpeace.

“We get visits from eg several Pacific states which are disappearing into the sea, and they might see this meeting come to act on a few rabid,” he explains.

Greenpeace, along with many other organizations to organize the large demonstration on 12 December, and although NTAC has reported that they would make trouble on the same day, they have promised to stay away from the demonstration.

“We have a big and strong demonstration. We are talking about an event that will be backed up from around the world, “says Henrik Pedersen.

More than 400 organizations from 55 countries are behind the demonstration.

Lømmelpakken (Hoodlum law package)

Today, the parliaments reads the so-called “lømmelpakke” (hoodlum law) and ironically this is considered to help a network as Never Trust A Cop, because sentences for peaceful protests turned violently higher. Due to the law package must people eg 40 days in jail if they sit down in front of the police, as recently happened in protests against the deportations of Iraqis by Brorson Kirke in Copenhagen.

“It is clear that if we suddenly come to jail to sit down and take a hiding from the police, someone will perhaps consider whether they would instead be throwing stones at a safe distance,” says René Karpantschof, researcher in protest movements University of Copenhagen.

And vice versa. The poster of a burning city also gives politicians a convenient bogey to refer to when they quintupled the financial penalty for disorderly conduct and will throw people engaged in civil disobedience in 40 days’ imprisonment.

“The government will use these people as an example, although one would have constraints whatever,” says René Karpantschof.

The World Wildlife Fund have been uncertain about whether to risked their name by taking part in the great demonstration. Not because it fears that the rally will be anything but peaceful, but because they are not sure that people can discard the message along if someone at the same time is burning containers somewhere else.

“We are afraid that the message of the peaceful demonstration is being destroyed by riots in the city,” says Eskild Holten, campaign director of World Wildlife Fund.

But it is not here the concern lies with the Friends of the Earth, which is also co-organizers of the big demonstration.

“The problem is that the system is violent, as we see when biofuels is stealing land from poor peasants or the oil war in Iraq,” says Tord Björk, Friends of the Earth, Sweden.

“And when the large NGOs are not criticizing the system, but rather trying to brand themselves thus reminding of the young people who criticize the system well enough, but doing riots in a way that is more about identity politics than to create change,” believes the Swede.

On his blog on the Web he makes himself merry over the Danish skirmishes. He has been in Denmark for several preparatory meetings.

‘The Danish organizations have been so afraid of the civil disobedience actions that are planned in the days after the demonstration, but they had not seen.” Cluck Tord Björk. ‘. the posters in Copenhagen, which uses a violent rhetoric and mobilizes to December 12. ”

But even than Tord Björk is not afraid that the message must be drowning in smashed windows.

Four mass activities can create the most dynamic people´s summit ever

Tord Björk | Action,civil disobedience,International action,Summits | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

All four mass activities in Copenhagen have unique qualities and will together bring a dynamic momentum for building a movement of movements for climate justice. With Danish separatism in organising the four manifestations and international unity in bringing them together an open space is in place for uniting action and discussions, celebrations and protest, committed strength and openness for broad participation, resistance and building of alternatives. This gives the opportunity for both individuals and organizations to express themselves and act according to the needs of the situation with climate justice values at the core of the open space.

A demonstration with wider support than any environmental demonstration ever from 60 countries with freedom of expression and a broad appeal. A gathering of almost ten presidents at the same time from progressive governments in the South at the same time at a mass meeting in Europe for sustainable and   alternatives. A Klimaforum A Reclaim power action uniting forces from the outside and the inside to establish an alternative to COP when official delegates walk out and join hands with everyone that wants to have a climate justice now agenda and not an agenda in the interest of rich countries and corporations. A fifth mass activity might occur at the end of COP15.

Read more in an indepth analysis of the four mass actions, their specific qualities, the Danish and international organisations behind them and how they all related to wider political cultural patterns and their background in the history of different movement ways of working and summit protests.

The COP is naked part I- The Copenhagen People´s Revolution.

The COP is naked part II– how our ability to see it emerged.

Earlier articles on similar issues:

Danish political culture and coming activities in Copenhagen

Avoiding the post COP doldrums part I: Another tactic than Anglo-American is possible

Avoiding the post COP doldrums part II: Historical experience

The two climate campaigning stories

Time to comment!: System Change – Not Climate Change – Klimaforum declaration.

Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Time to comment!: System Change – Not Climate Change – Klimaforum declaration.

A first and second draft of the declaration of the Klimaforum declaration has been presented.:

During the last few weeks a lot of comments on the first declaration draft, some thematic inputs and some regional inputs have come in. The final process looks very promising.

Please find draft two of the declaration and the updated appendix attached in the links below. This declaration draft will be the basis for the final negotiations in Copenhagen from the 8th – the 10th of December in the DGI-building. 3 plenary sessions, which are open to all will be the cornerstone of this finalization of the declaration.

Attached you will find the time schedule of the of the finalization of the declaration. The first plenary session starts Tuesday the 8th at 10:00am in the green room of the DGI-building. Address: Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København V.

We are looking forward to see you in Copenhagen!

On behalf of the Scandinavian coordination group

Kindest Regards,

Mathilde Kaalund-Jørgensen
Coordinator of the declaration process
Read more:

Draft 2 you find here:declaration-draft-2-klimaforum09

Additions from the theme groups here: appendix-inputs-from-the-thematic-and-regional-groups

Time schedule here:time-table

December 6: Call for celebration, funerals and alternatives

Tord Björk | Action,Climate,education,NGO,political culture,Summits | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Call for celebration, funerals and alternatives at Climate Bottom meeting and for many other activities today

3a. Climate Justice Now

CJN! Have their first planning meeting today. They call upon everyone to come and celebrate at the CJN! Assembly at the Klimaforum on Sunday 13th of December: 15:00 – 18:00. “Bring your ideas to take the fight for climate justice back to their homes, onto the streets, and into the UN. Indigenous leaders, farmers, women and workers, community activists, singers, poets and story tellers will educate, inspire and give testimony. The hot issues in the negotiations will be debated and ideas for action / alternatives shared. Join us to learn about climate justice and to build our movement.”

3b. Climate Bottom Meeting – Windows of Hope Burying the American Dream

The Climate Bottom meeting started December 5: “Indigenous peoples from our Bottom Meeting go together and make a ceremony for the entire meeting and simultaneously will one from the Peace Watch light a torch by the eternal fire of the Peace-Watchers.”

The Climate Bottom meeting is one of the most ambitious initiatives during COP primarily taking place at Christiania but also at Klimaforum and the city centre. “A number of practical sustainable cities and eco-village initiatives around the world will be presented, showing different solutions to overcome the world’s ecological, social, spiritual and economic challenges.

There will be a variety of lectures, workshops, dance, and music. Throughout the conference, representatives from indigenous groups from all over the world will hold ceremonies as an inspiration and guidance to us all. Our hope is that the fusion of indigenous knowledge and practices with the lifestyles of eco-villages and sustainable urban communities will offer the fresh ideas and impulses that we need to lead Earth-friendly lives.

Organizers are, Christiania Culture Association, The Network for the Conservation of Christiania as a Green Urban-biotope, two Agenda 21 centers in Copenhagen (Sundby and Inner City), LØS, The Danish Association for Eco-villages, and GEN, Global Eco-village Network – in collaboration with many individuals, associations and groups.

The Climate Bottom Meeting will offer workshops, presentations and political debates mixed with entertainment activities, such as singing, dancing and music. In addition, there will also be a special youth forum and child program. We have invited experts, lay people, and politicians to lecture on a broad range of topics.”

Every day there will be a funeral when some phenomena that needs to be left behind is buried. It started by burying egoism. Today American life style is buried.

“The unambiguous focus on individuals and their freedom of expression makes the American Dream a dangerous dream. This is partially to due to a lack of concern for others, and partially because it is propagating a way of life that is rapidly decimating our shared natural environment, the very means of our existence. The American Dream sees the world as a free-for-all buffet and completely lacks an understanding of the ecological limitations of our planet.

We have been capable at giving our dreams and our existence concrete material expressions. Our identities are also strongly tied to material symbols. By parting with the American Dream we must increasingly turn to community life, gather around immaterial goods, and learn, to a much greater extent that today, to search for our identities, existence, and development in immaterial values.”

Read more and have fun at:

There is a lot more to chose from only today even before the official conference starts apart from preparatory meetings. Have a choice of Danish summit activities:

3c. Ride to Copenhagen

Is the collective final effort of a 15 000 km and 16 month long bike tour from Australia to Copenhagen read more at:

3d. Climate pilgrims

From Køge in the South, Elsinore in the North, Roskilde in the West and Lund in the East people from all directions will walk to Vår Frues Kirke in the middle of Copenhagen. Read more

3e. Seven meters art project

Danish artist Jens Galschiøt starts today his visualisation of the consequences of a seven meters increase of sea level. A 24 km long line of red lights seven meters high up will create the image of the potential new sea level. Read more at: To those interested in visiting the famous mermaid statue sh is now accompanied by another metal women, this time a very fat person on the backs of an impoverished person celebrating the fatness of the oppressing rich countries, also an artistic intervention by Galschiøt. Watch out, Copenhagen is full of surprises.

3f. “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”

At 13 o’clock a new film with Bob Dylan’s well known song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” will be screened for the first time at Kongens Nytorv. Bob Dylan is singing his song and photographies from the project Hard Rain are shown in this project presented by UNEP. Read more at:
At the same place UNEP have a climate labyrinth mad by banners signed by thosuands of people from all over the world to support the UN “Seal the Deal!” campaign.

3g. Climate for dummies

Danish Peoples High School organizes café evenings at Borup’s high school each day until December 12 were no questions are to stupid and mr and mrs Denmark can ask experts about the climate. Read more at:

3h. Alternative conference for climate scepticism

Danish People’s Party organizes a conference with domestic and foreign scientists as speakers in Christiansborg, the parliament. Read more at:

3i. Copenhagen Consensus Center banners against climate action
Lomborg is a Danish scientist and head of an institute that the government give millions of euro recently increased due to pressure from Danish peoples party. This Institute called Copenhagen Consensus Center a think tank under under Copenhagen Business School, will put banners up all over the city, on videos in the Metro and on postcards with the message to stop climate action. “Ionstead of using many hundreds of billions of dollars each year to stop emissions of CO2 should the resources for research and development of green energy be increased to a level up to 0,2 percent of global BNI”. At the most used climate website in Denmark with 5000 visits each day climate scepticism is now dominating the discussion forum.

3j. Copenhagen Climate Exchange
The biggest environmental NGO in Denmark, Danish Conservation Society organizes a fair at Øksnehallen in DGI-byen excepting 25 000 visitors. The focus is climate initiatives all over the world. The fair started on December 3 and ends today December 6. Read more at:

3k. Climate Spark night club business forum during COP15

Network and meet hundreds of business executives, entrepreneurs, investors and listen to a world-class panel of 5 CEOs from Suzlon, JP Morgan, Google, Climate Change Capital, Generation Investment Management, Danfoss, HSBC, Solar Century, Carbon Disclosure Project and 40 other companies about solutions to climate change — the full programme is at

December 12: speakers, backing from 462 organisations, and a System Change not Climate Change bloc!

Tord Björk | Uncategorized | Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth and many other organisations in Climate Justice Now and Climate Justice Action are now calling for a united climate justice movement bloc in the 12th of December. The callout you find here:
The future is bright, if we make it so: to light up the darkness, bring lights, wear bright colours, bring glitter. Gather at the three trucks carrying the bloc’s banners.


To find out who will speak at the demonstration is harder. There is no information at the official 09dec12 web site. Berlingske, the main conservative daily in Denmark have an extensive calender of very many activities and states that speakers will be: Mary Robinson, Rahul Bose, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Villy Søvndal, Margrethe Vestager, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, Kumi Naidoo og Helen Caldicott. As it has been stated that there should be 12 speakers in total and half of them from the South this result shows a strong tendency in favour of celebrities and party leaders. Sofar none is representing a popular movement. The Social democrats and Socialist people’s Party both have their leaders speaking, The social liberal party the parliamentary leader and the Red Green Alliance an MP. Mary Robinson from Ireland and former UN human rights commissioner is honorary cahir of Oxfam. Helen Caldicott well known anti nuclear actvists. From the South already chosen are Kumi Kaidoo, chair of Greenpeace and earlier at CIVICUS, and Rahul Bose, a Bollywood actor. Which the popular movement or other speakers from the South will be seems not to have been announced yet.

The list of international supporters is impressive:, Precarious United for Climate Action, Veg Climate Alliance, BirdLife International, Greenpeace, Réseau “Sortir du nucléaire” (Fédération de 840 associations), WISE (World Information Service on Energy), WWF International, Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, ActionAid International, Caritas Internationalis, CIDSE, JS Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD), Oxfam International, World Council of Churches, World Alliance of YMCAs, European Green Party, FYEG (Federation of Young European Greens), Global Young Greens, Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth), Party of the European Left, Utopia, Alianza Social Continental / Hemispheric Social Alliance, Attac European Network, CARAM Asia (Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility), Oilwatch International, PIPEC (Pacific Indigenous Peoples Environment Coalition), Proutist Universal, Tibet Third Pole (T3P), WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future) You find almost 500 more supporters here:

4 000 in anti WTO demo in Geneva November 28

4000 people joined the march November 28in Geneva protesting ahead of the WTO meeting in an International demonstration as part of a week of action and debate around the WTO Ministerial which runs from 30th November to 2nd December.

The mobilisation was seen very much in relation to the COP15 UN climate conference taking place in Copenhagen 7th – 18th December – Economic Crisis, Climate Crisis, Social Crisis: It’s Time to Change Course! (see

Indymedia reports in German states that activists without any provocation from the police broke out of the demonstration from the very start and smashed cars and windows and then came back. At the beginning targeted against banks but soon against anything, a bijouterie and other shops, many cars and bikes, a bus stop. When at least four cars also was set on fire the police attacked trying to separate demonstrators from people causing property damage. Police used tear gas, concussion grenades and water cannon. The police claimed they could identify about 200 members of what was labelled the black bloc: “violent elements that join other demonstrations to cause damage.” The police said they were spread out along the route and police had to separate them from the other protesters. No injuries to police or protesters were reported, police said.

An hour after the police separated the demo some thousand people gathered again and moved towards the demo final in a park. Most went then in the direction of the WTO conference building but was finally stopped again by tear gas and water cannon. A bank was smashed but otherwise there was little to destroy in this district close to the railway station.

People gathered than in the park close to the railway station, still one could see families with children and listening to a concert. Finally the police, this time without being much provoked a lot of tear gas into the park and the people fled without much resistance towards the railway station. The police followed also filling the railway station with tear gas. Some were shouting slogans against the police and than moved away into the immigrant district nearby. One component at this last moment was “immigrantenkids” as a sign of domestic social unrest.

The outcome of the demonstration have caused different reactions. One international participant states “Speaking for folks in the South, we will not allow ourselves to be used as cannon fodder for privileged white middle class youth from the North seeking to work off their “animal spirits,” to borrow a term from Keynes”. Via Campesina made the following press release:

Also on the Swiss Indymedia website some reactions are strong also from people normally accepting strong actions: “What is the political message to smash the window of a bus stop? That we want a more bad public transport? That we want higher taxes? Or simply a reduction of the profit of insurance companies of 0,00001 promille?”

The claim that only rich peoples cars were smashed are challenged by others stating the opposite including destruction of bikes and the like. Activists defending the actions claim they were targeted with a few exceptions, how few the present police were in the beginning, how the police tactic was confused ending with: “im dezember nach kopenhagen!”

The Danish security police have stated in the mass media last week in general that activists aiming at property damage use the tactic to hide in broader demonstrations. Some Southern activists seems tired of undisciplined Western demonstrations and want a more strict non-violent behaviour. The old fashion way of dealing with these problems was demonstration guards keeping provocations both from the police and among the participants out of the demonstration. But the falling apart of collective organisation culture and the growing social unrest in Europe caused by growing social inequalities and promotion of individualistic consumer culture causes problems for coherent political protest. Hopefully lessons can be learned for Copenhagen.

Tord Björk

Sources: Indymedia, Germany, Switzerland, German and French, Berlingske Denmark

Press release about the demonstration by Via Campesina:

Geneva mobilization: where is the real violence?

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