Starting the journey

Tord Björk | about the blog | Saturday, January 17th, 2009

My pupils in Kristianstad helped me with the last preparations taking a photo for the blog. Now it is the time to start the travel from European Social Forum in Malmö to World Social Forum in Belem and back again to Latin America and the popular movements Movimento Sem Terra, Friends of the Earth and other envrionmentalists and the rubber tappers.

For more than a year I have been coordinator for the Contact Group for Europe and the World for Nordic Organizing Committee for ESF 2008. That have already been an interesting journey that now will continue towards WSF in Brasil late January 2009 and then ESF in 2010 in Istanbul. This blog will present stories and evaluations of the European Social Forum and report from the continued social froum process as well as popular movements.

It will be from a critical and hopefully well-informed perspective with the linkage between discussion and action, form and content as important. A perspective that sees popular movements as crucial to social change and will address the wider global political culture in which the popular movements are involved in many other ways than the socila forums. A perspective that is not afraid of also addressing liberation movements, political parties or reprsentatives of institutions.

Special attention will be put on the environmental dimensions of social change and the global crisis and especially Friends of the Earth and Via Campesina. It is my point of view that it is now necessary to have a discussion among all interested popualr movements and the public that address the linkages of all the issues and that the environmental issue needs more consideration in this debate.

How the blog will develop depends on the reactions and comments from readers, if others will join and own capacity to have the time to publish material. I claim that we live in a time were it is necessary to join hands from different parts of the world and bring different issues together enabling a general political discussion. A time were it is not sufficient to  address the many dimensions of the present global crisis in a coherent way but also to formulate utopias beyond the present world order.