ESF-6: The freedom to move, the right to stay

Tord Björk | ESF,migrants,Uncategorized | Thursday, July 29th, 2010

The freedom to move, the right to stay
6th ESF Istanbul, 3rd  July 2010

We, the people and activist groups participating in the workshops, seminars and actions organized by the Migrant Network call on fighting for the freedom of movement and the right to stay. We call on movements, organizations, individuals all over Europe in order to struggle against the murderous European border regime in which Frontex is the driving force and for the closure of all detention centers.
We call on movements, organizations individuals all over Europe to support the struggles of workers focusing on the ones without papers and rights and to fight against the racism and the precarization and exploitation of migrants, increased in the context of the global economic crisis.
We support all the campaigns, initiatives and struggles and we call on people here on continuing and strengthening networking and proceed in common transnational struggles.


•    Greece   Swarming No border actions  27/8 – 11/9 In continuity with Lesvos NoBorder camp, actions will take place in support of the migrants and against European border regime in Samos and Lesvos islands.
•    18th of September in Paris mobilization against the new law about migration
•    Bruxelles No border camp 24/9 – 3/10.
•    5-6 of October in  Oujda/Melilla, Moroco, International Conference and an action for the 5th anniversary of the storm and the killings of migrants at the fences to EU.
•    Jan – feb 2011 Caravan from Bamako in Mali to Dakar (World Social Forum).
•    1st of  March, day without us, day of translational action to protest against the exploitation of workers without papers.


•    Frontexplode:  campaign against the European border agency Frontex.
•    Campaign against Dublin II – Welcome to EU network, for  information and support to refugees and migrants on their way to Europe.

No border camp migrant Labour  focusing deeper on people moving and being exploited. There are experiences of workers without documents in France striking for months and also in different countries there are more and more struggles selforganized by migrants

Crossover with Education
Network of people working in Educational Spaces in order to elaborate projects, exchange ideas and work, resist to narrowing contents in school and the attack to public schools in order to build elitarian racist situation A mailing list is going to start and a first draft for an international call will be made

Crossover with Antirepression
Network to campaign against detention centre and the state control which is getting more and more information under the hypocrite idea of security all over Europe

Crossover with Climate Change
Climate change is determining a new category of refugees migrants. We continue saying that Freedom to move and right to stay are important. Agriculture and big projects like dams are changing the situations and force people to move as well as political, social and economical reasons