ESF-6: Peace and war

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Peace and War
6th ESF Istanbul, 3rd  July 2010

Peace banner bloc in the ESF demo

The war and peace assembly denounces that at a time of economic crisis, European states are increasing their military budgets and trade of weapons. The European Union  is not the “soft power” it meant to be. To protect peace and social needs, we call peace and antiwar movements to join the trade unions protest on the 29th of September.

We support the Week of Action against the NATO summit of 15-21 November 2010 in Lisbon in order to oppose the new NATO strategy that is a major obstacle to achieving world peace. We call for an immediate end of the war in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of the troops, and we are ready to mobilize for the tragic anniversary of the invasion on 8-9 October.

The assembly strongly supports the mobilization of Kurdish and Turkish movements for a peaceful and democratic solution of the Kurdish issue, there is no military way out of the conflict. We stand in solidarity with the Kurdish elected representatives that will be on trial on 18 October for simply defending human rights of their people.

The military occupation of Cyprus should come to an end, to allow peaceful life on the island.
We urge for a peaceful Caucasus and invite everybody to participate in the peace conference in June 2011 in Tbilissi.

We mourn the loss of those killed by the Israeli military while trying to break the illegal siege of Gaza and call for accountability of those responsible. This assembly stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and the Israeli movements for justice for Palestinians and endorses the Palestinian civil society call for a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with Palestinian rights based on international law. We call for an escalation of coordinated campaigns against institutions and companies complicit with Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, of the complicity of European governments with Israeli impunity and the EU-Israel Association Agreement. The whole region needs to be denuclearized, as stated again in the NPT conference, and Mordechai Vanunu deserves freedom and honour for his courage to reveal the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

The European Social Forum, that was a fundamental space to organize the huge 2003 mobilization against the war in Iraq, does not forget the suffering of Iraqi people and supports its human rights groups, unions and social movements through the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative that will meet in Paris in the first week of December.

The assembly supports actions and campaigns to stop private military and security companies, and campaigns against the militarization of European borders, such as the week of mobilization against Frontex on 27-31 August in Greece and actions in Bruxelles on 24 September – 3 October.

All these causes and campaigns will be celebrated in the International Day of Peace, 21 September, and in the Thematic Social Forum for a Culture of Peace in Santiago de Compostela on 9-12 December, for the global demilitarization, denuclearization of economies and societies.

ESF-6: Anti imperialist Assembly

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Anti imperialist Assembly
6th ESF Istanbul, 3rd  July 2010

The Anti-imperialist Assembly gathered on the occasion of European Social Forum, with 300 participants from Nepal, Greece, Turkey, Kurdistan, Palestine, Germany, Italy, Basque Country,   Britain, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Denmark, Cyprus, Switzerland, Catalonia, Portugal, Norway and Belgium declares the following points:
-That without struggle against capitalism, a consistent fight against imperialism is not possible;  since imperialism is the highest stage of the capitalist world system. We call all anti-imperialist forces to raise their efforts to topple the capitalist order which is in a deep and historical crisis. Socialism is the sole alternative against the capitalist system, and revolution is the only way to transform this system. “Another world” is socialism.
-That the social liberation struggles and the national liberation struggles of the oppressed nations are parts of the same front against imperialism. Chauvinistic nationalism is not anti-imperialist, on the contrary it divides and clashes the peoples and in this way it serves imperialism. Imperialism cannot be advocate of any oppressed nation, what it pursues is only to be the new dominator of those oppressed nations. Anti-imperialist struggle should be waged with an internationalist perspective to unite the peoples and oppressed nations of the world and regions.
-We declare our support for the national liberation struggles/resistances going on in Basque Country, Kurdistan, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all others oppressed nations; and the social uprisings, revolutionary processes, worker strikes, popular resistances, youth movements and mass mobilizations going on in Greece, Nepal, India, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Latin America and other countries. We strongly condemn all the attacks against these movements and external meddling in the internal affairs of individual countries. We condemn the Gaza Blockade of Israeli Zionism and call for the total boicott of the Israeli Racist State. We stress the vital importance of solidarity.
-That imperialism means poverty, violence and war to the women. Women’s liberation struggle is a part of the anti-imperialist struggle, and without the active participation of women’s masses the anti-imperialist front will be weak. The patriarchal system is basing itself on gender inequality, and a new society without exploitation can only be possible with full gender equality.
-The anti-imperialist unity can only be realised on a practical political basis. The peoples struggling against imperialism should come together. We call all progressive, democratic, patriotic and religious movements who fight against imperialism to form a broad anti-imperialist front. In a crucial moment of crisis of the imperialist-capitalist system, we call all the anti-imperialist forces to raise their efforts to develop revolutionary internationalist unity to fight imperialism internationally.
-We propose to the Final Assembly of the ESF;
-to decide a common day of action of the ESF to unite the labouring masses of Europe in such a deep moment of the crisis, to reject paying the bill of the capitalist crisis.
-to practise international solidarity against the war policy of the Turkish government, handling the Kurdish question with military measures instead of discussing it with popular representatives; and solidarity with the Kurdish politicians and freedom struggle activists, who were imprisoned depending on the so called ‘Anti-Terror’ Law and will be brought to their first trial on the 18th of November in Diyarbakir.

Yes We Can! Get out of Afghanistan!

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Protest manifestation
Wednesday December 9th at 4 o’clock p.m.
At the US Embassy Copenhagen
Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 24
President Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan and further extend it to Pakistan invokes protests  all over the world. A number of Danish grassroot organisations now calls for a torchlight manifestation at the US Embassy in Copenhagen December 9th at 4 o’clock p.m.

One day later Barack Obama absurdly is scheduled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. A protest torchlight procession in that city is announced to the evening of the 10th of December.
– If President Obama had announced to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq within a short time limit, and put an end to these illegal and disastrous wars and occupations, there might be a valid reason for the award, Troels Riis Larsen, spokesperson for the protest in Copenhagen says. – But the opposite is the case. Obama speaks very much about peace, while he actually continues and extends the wars.

Troels Riis Larsen continues:
– At the same time we would like to point out  the close connection between war and climate crises. Not only in terms of destruction of the wartorn countries, but also to the fact, that the military is the  number one culprit of unproductive carbon dioxide emissions.

He stresses that the protest will be ‘totally non-violent’.

The protest will include speeches by a number of Danish and international peace and climate activists.  Peace activist Ulla Røder who with Trident Ploughshares in 2001 received the Right Livelihood Award – the socalled ‘Alternate Nobel Prize’ – for actions against nuclear submarines in Scotland.
The US labor singer Anne Feeney and other artists will take part.

The event will be bilingual, mainly in English.
For contact  mail to

or call  Troels Riis Larsen 0045 – 40883846

See flyer/poster here
Picture of Ulla Røder, Ellen Moxley, Angie Zelter of Trident Ploughshares

Pictures of Anne Feeney

Satire: Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize by Brasilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff